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Your Open Metaverse – YOM

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Are you ready for the next generation of the metaverse? Here comes Your Open Metaverse (YOM), a decentralized and open-source platform that enables creators to build and host their own interoperable web3 content.  Join us as we review the future of the metaverse with Your Open Metaverse – YOM.

What is Your Open Metaverse – YOM?

YOM is a revolutionary metaverse that is fully open and distributed, utilizing peer-to-peer technology. It empowers creators to design and host their own customized and interoperable Web3 content on their own website and channels. 

YOM provides the tools and infrastructure that allows you to (1) craft and control your own custom web3 metaverse from your site, to anyone on any device and (2) collect token rewards by allocating the resources of your gaming machine to the network.​

This review of Your Open Metaverse – YOM was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Your Open Metaverse – YOM


Your Open Metaverse (YOM) wants to enable a world where everyone has the ability to connect and contribute to a global metaverse community, unlocking endless possibilities for exploration, socialization, and creativity.

“The North Star, as seen through the vision of YOM, is a call to build a new reality that is created by artists, rendered by gamers, and governed by everyone. It is a vision for a metaverse that is sustainable and fair, where everyone has equal opportunities to explore a global market of virtualized experiences and products.”

Team and Roadmap

Your Open Metaverse was founded in 2018 by Daniël van der Waals, who has previously worked in multiple digital agencies. Jorrit Velzeboer is the CTO of Your Open Metaverse, also the co-founder and has +10 years of experience in software development. Alex van der Baan is the co-founder and managing director of the company; he is experienced in business development and project management.

Roadmap YOM

Roadmap Your Open Metaverse – YOM


YOM is working towards developing a scalable and cost-effective peer-to-peer infrastructure for the metaverse, providing creators with easy-to-use tools to design and launch their own metaverses. The infrastructure is optimized for quality, performance, and flexibility and is seamlessly connected to websites, storefronts, and real-time data, enabling creators to leverage existing web assets to build immersive and engaging virtual experiences.

YOM created custom virtual experiences for parties such as GlaxoSmithKline, TEDx and the Dutch Government think tank Rathenau Institute. The market insights and revenues of these projects were leveraged into b2b platform development.

Differences other Metaverse Projects

YOM distinguishes between Layer 1 and Layer 2 metaverse projects based on their focus. Layer 1 metaverses provide the infrastructure for the metaverse, while Layer 2 metaverses focus on creating engaging virtual experiences but may lack scalable infrastructure. YOM aims to provide a scalable and efficient infrastructure that empowers creators to build unique experiences and enables interoperability across the wider metaverse ecosystem.

YOM Differences


YOM, which is used to power its infrastructure and enables creators to monetize their metaverses represents the right to render the metaverse for a single user for a full day and creates an efficient market for traders and liquidity pools. This approach ensures that the YOM ecosystem remains decentralized and sustainable while also providing opportunities for growth and innovation.

YOM has developed a layer on top of the Metaplex SDK for Solana, which is the non-fungible token standard across all YOM experiences. This NFT protocol also works on all Metaplex-based marketplaces within the broader Solana ecosystem. By utilizing NFTs, YOM enables creators to create unique and valuable virtual assets and experiences that can be traded on open marketplaces.

“YOM does not represent any shareholding or participation in any company or undertaking, nor does it entitle holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits, or investment returns.”

Token Distribution

  • Token Symbol: YOM   
  • Token Protocol: Solana
  • Token Supply : 300.000.000   
  • Token for Sale : 90.000.000 (30.00%)   
    • Seed: 15.000.000
    • Private: 71.000.000
    • Public: 4.000.000
  • Marketing: 80.000.000 (26.67%)   
  • Foundation: 80.000.000 (26.67%)   
  • Liquidity Provider: 20.000.000 (6.67%)   
  • Advisors: 10.000.000 (3.33%)   
  • Team: 20.000.000 (6.67%)  


The unsold strategic and private tokens will be burned; unsold public tokens will be repurchased.  

What commission do I pay on the marketplace?

For all transactions taking place on the marketplace, a 2.5% commission is returned to YOM so that it can expand and build the ecosystem.

How do I pay for hosting?

To cover the expenses of hosting, there are two options available for users: sending tokens to your escrow account or using regular invoicing. The amount of $YOM required to run your metaverse depends on its quality and begins at $0.32 per user per hour. Following the release of the peer-to-peer infrastructure update, the prices will decrease even further.

Use case of Your Open Metaverse – YOM

Features of Your Open Metaverse – YOM

  • Modular: deploy white-label metaverse experiences from your own or clients website and channels; accessible to any device.
  • Open: metaverse experiences can integrate with any external (eco)system (i.e. tokenized economies and real-time data streams).
  • Scalable: leverage the power of a peer-to-peer mesh of machines to deliver photorealistic quality on all devices at affordable rates.
  • Easy to use: SDK and dApp allow creators to deploy custom metaverse experiences using their existing Unreal Engine skills and tools.
  • Ownership: creators retain ownership and control over their content, allowing for true creativity and flexibility.
  • Sustainable: peer-to-peer infrastructure reduces hosting costs by a factor of 10x-50x, enabling more creators to access the metaverse.

How to build on YOM? 

Create your first virtual item

To create an item, the following steps are required

  1. Download the Replicator SDK
  2. Import the item model into Unreal Engine (or build it there from scratch
  3. Define the item properties (name, description, color, type, ..) and max supply.

Create your first virtual item

To create an item, the following steps are required

  1. Download the Replicator SDK
  2. Import the item model into Unreal Engine (or build it there from scratch)
  3. Define the item properties (name, description, color, type, ..) and max supply.

Create your Metaverse

To create a metaspace, the following steps can be taken.

  1. Download the Replicator SDK
  2. Using the elements available in the SDK, build and test the Experience which is to be run in the Metaspace.
  3. Once the experience is completed, sign in to the Metaspace management page using your wallet and perform an initial deposit to the Metaspace wallet to create the metaspace.
  4. Upload the Experience to YOM by linking the Github repository URL. This will trigger our pipelines to build the experience and deploy to the platform.
  5. Optionally, configure Environment variables that are to be used in the Experience in the management page

Where to buy and sell Your Open Metaverse – YOM?

The YOM token sale is scheduled for March 13th and can be bought on MEXC Global.

What do we think about Your Open Metaverse – YOM?

YOM’s goal of providing a low-cost, peer-to-peer cloud infrastructure and SDK for Unreal Engine 5 to enable creators to easily craft and deploy custom metaverse experiences is promising. By incentivizing gamers to allocate resources to render metaspaces, YOM creates an efficient market for metaverse rendering power, which is a novel approach. Overall, the success of YOM as a token and infrastructure builder for the metaverse will depend on its ability to attract a strong user base and its success will ultimately depend on how many agencies and creators are attracted to the platform.

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Your Open Metaverse – YOM conclusion

YOM is a decentralized and open-source metaverse platform that allows creators to build and host their own interoperable web3 content. It provides a peer-to-peer infrastructure and rewards gamers for rendering metaspaces using YOM tokens, which converge to a price based on GPU power. YOM aims to solve interoperability challenges and provide a low-cost solution for accessing new markets with better tools. 


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