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Bitvavo is one of the newest parties on the Dutch cryptocurrency market. While the company was only founded in 2018 compared to the likes of Bitonic and Litebit who have been around for almost a decade, they gained market share rather quickly thanks to their innovative and rapid development approach.

How does Bitvavo work?

On the Bitvavo platform, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money using the user-friendly and ‘foolproof’ interface. Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can also buy over 50 other largecap and midcap cryptocurrencies.

Bitvavo login

To login, you must first create a Bitvavo account if you do not already have one. You can do this by registering on Bitvavo homepage and continue to create an account. You can also make an account in the app if you prefer to use the app only, which is available for both Android and Iphone.

Bitvavo fees

Like most brokers, Bitvavo charges fees based on the type of order (maker or taker) and the order volume over the past 30 days. It does not matter whether you are buying or selling coins. On Bitvavo you currently pay a maximum fee of 0.25%, which drastically decreases when choosing for a maker order or in cased of increased order volumes.

Bitvavo futures

Bitvavo exchange

Since their inception, Bitvavo aims to combine a user-friendly platform and low fees, which has helped them tremendously in establishing their position as the leading digital asset exchange in the Netherlands. With the ease of use of a broker platform and the low fees of a digital asset exchange, Bitvavo is offering their users the best of both worlds.

Bitvavo app

Bitvavo also launched a mobile app that is available for Apple as well as Android phones. It is a professional-looking app and a very user-friendly app which is completely focused on providing the easiest cryptocurrency buying and selling experience.

Bitvavo iDeal

You can deposit fiat currency into your Bitvavo account very easily through Ideal. This deposit method has no fees and is processed within several hours at the most.

Bitvavo review

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Bitvavo Shield Logo

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