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"Even after the market crash, I was able to save my portfolio."

The YourCryptoLibrary team is always ready to inform and educate me in the constantly changing crypto world. I’ve made several good investments over time and learned more about controlling myself in times where I would otherwise have made bad decisions.

Even after the market crash of 2021, I was able to save and grow my portfolio under the supervision of the YCL team. I would definitely recommend the VIP section for anyone who wants to get to the next level of crypto trading!


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While $270 a month is a relatively high price, I feel like the YourCryptoLibrary team deserves every penny of it. It’s by far the best group I’ve ever been in. It may sound crazy to say, especially since I don’t know them personally, but it really feels like a family. 

Especially the way they take their time and explain everything in a practical way. Even though there are more than 50 members, I still have this feeling. 

I would definitely recommend this group for and rate them 10 out of 10 stars!


"Always ready for my questions as a beginner"

I was part of the YourCryptoLibrary VIP group from day one. I have no regrets whatsoever! The team was always ready to answer my questions and believe me, I had A LOT of questions. I was totally new to the crypto world.

Thanks to their sharp TA calls, low cap-gems, help with risk management, and the opportunity to participate in private sales, I was able to compensate the brutal hit my portfolio took at the end of May 2021. Now, my portfolio is even larger than ever before.