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Moonsama – SAMA

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From NFT utilities to a cutting-edge multi-chain protocol that could revolutionize the way NFT applications are built, deployed, and managed. Moonsama offers a range of services that are designed to enhance the NFT ecosystem, providing creators and developers with the tools they need to fully utilize NFTs across different blockchains.

What is Moonsama – SAMA?

Moonsama provides an open multi-chain protocol that enables builders and creators to rapidly develop Web3 experiences. The vision of Moonsama is to facilitate a collaborative future for the Web3 ecosystem, more specifically in the NFT space.

Focussing on the core principles of community, creativity, and ownership, Moonsama’s platform is designed to be a comprehensive toolkit for anyone building, connecting, and scaling Web3 applications and NFT projects. Besides this, its aim is to foster a diverse community comprising builders, creators, collectors, and those who work in a dynamic, integrated environment of gaming, music, fashion, and make use of NFTs for unique social experiences.

This review of Moonsama – SAMA was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Moonsama – SAMA

What Was the Origin of Moonsama?

Moonsama originated in 2021 within the Polkadot community and quickly evolved over the course of three days from a generative NFT Collection to a Marketplace. Moonsama V1 was launched as the first collection of 1000 unique ERC-721 NFTs with the first NFT marketplace on Moonriver.

Since its inception, Moonsama, powered by the Moonsama Network which is a blockchain governed by NFTs, positioned itself as a frontrunner in the NFT, gaming, and metaverse domains by providing a robust infrastructure for tokenized in-game items and transactions.

Moonsama NFTs

Who are The Founders of Moonsama

Moonsama was co-founded by DonnieBigBags, Kyilkhor, and HeaX. Inspired by the integration of web3 and Minecraft, the founders envisioned a metaverse where NFTs unlock new gaming experiences for all.

Use case of Moonsama – SAMA

Moonsama’s services are applicable to a variety of use cases. Whether it’s for gaming, digital art, virtual real estate, or other creative applications, Moonsama ensures that NFTs are more than collectibles—they become an integral component of interactive and immersive experiences.

What is in the Moonsama Ecosystem?

The Moonsama ecosystem consists of the following key elements:

  • Multi-chain Protocol: Aims to facilitate composability between chains and building of NFT applications and Web3 experiences across them.
  • Multiverse Portal: Architects, deploys, and grows NFT ecosystems, enabling 360º customization of interactions between NFTs and Web2/3 applications. 
  • Moonsama Composer: Crafts, launches, and manages composable NFT collections, allowing direct rendering of NFTs into playable models for the metaverse.
  • Web3 Utility Tooling: Provides support with APIs, SDKs, and more for creators and developers building on Moonsama.
  • Raresama Marketplace: A hub for discovering, exploring, and trading NFTs from the Moonsama collections.
  • NFT Collections: Features Moonsamas, Exosamas, Gromlins, and Pondsamas that come to life through the portal.
  • Blockchain: The Moonsama Network, a Polkadot parachain, offers infrastructure for the ecosystem and includes an EVM bridge.
  • SAMA Token: This token powers the Moonsama platform and its applications. More on this below.
  • Community: A community that can be found on Discord and Twitter, that hosts events and participatory activities.

Moonsama SAMA

Spotlight on Moonsama’s Unique Collections

The Multiverse Art Skin Collection

The Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin Collection consists of unique NFTs that offer a special dimension to the Moonsama experience.

Introduction to Exosama

Exosama adds a unique twist to the ecosystem with its distinct NFTs that provide additional benefits and access to the Moonsama universe.

The World of Gromlins

Gromlins are a unique aspect of Moonsama, offering holders special perks within the ecosystem.

The Essence of Pondsama

Pondsama is another unique facet of Moonsama, with NFTs that grant unique advantages to their holders.

Wildsama and Wildlife Conservation

Wildsama contributes to wildlife conservation efforts through its NFT collection, offering unique benefits to owners.

Moonsama’s Partners – Beam

Moonsama collaborates with many diverse partners, that are all committed to enriching the NFT space and expanding its reach across all sectors. Our beloved Beam is one of the main partners of Moonsama.


Beam stands out as the biggest gaming Layer 2 on the Avalanche blockchain, renowned for its impressive collection of over 100 games. The platform is tailored to meet the needs of gamers, offering an ecosystem full of gaming experiences. Its focus on gaming ensures that users have access to a variety of titles, providing endless entertainment and engagement within its ecosystem.

The migration of SAMA tokens to Beam was recently made possible and is a straightforward process, through the SAMA Router. To begin the migration, visit the SAMA Router and follow the instructions to transfer your assets to Beam’s Layer 2 solution. This process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those new to the world of crypto can participate with ease.

How Do You Access Beam’s Native Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

Once you’ve migrated your SAMA tokens to Beam, trading them is just as easy. Access Beam’s native decentralized exchange by navigating to Beam’s Swap platform. This DEX is built into the gaming L2, allowing for seamless trading of SAMA tokens. Whether you’re looking to swap, trade, or just explore the market, Beam’s DEX interface is designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly trading experience.


Where to buy and sell Moonsama – SAMA?

The SAMA token is the lifeblood of the Moonsama technology stack (Moonsama Network and Exosama Network). As the native cryptocurrency of the Moonsama ecosystem, it plays a crucial role in enabling the functionality and utility of the services offered.

SAMA token has a variety of use cases, such as being used to pay for goods and services within the Moonsama Network, being exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, staking for curating validator sets, gaining access to events and participating in governance.

Token Allocation Moonsama

“SAMA is a fair-launch token, there was never a sale. It was earned by players and holders of Pondsama NFT fishes as $POOP tokens on Moonriver, then it went through a migration and redenomination giving birth to $xcPOOP on Moonbeam, which finally became convertible to $SAMA following to this proposal.”

SAMA is currently not listed on major exchanges and can be bought on MEXC.


  • No current inflation; it will start after a new staking and governance model is approved.
  • Inflation capped at 10% annually, subject to change via governance.
  • Up to 100 million new tokens may be minted in the first year for rewards and other purposes, with specifics to be determined.

Token Utility

  • Some transactions might be subsidized as “gasless.”
  • SAMA is used for issuing new assets, such as in-game items and NFTs.
  • It serves as a governance token and currency on the Raresama NFT Marketplace.
  • Required for accessing certain services and infrastructure on the Moonsama Network.
  • Staking SAMA may grant access to utilities, events, and act as a safety deposit for games, subject to confiscation in cases of abuse.
  • SAMA is necessary for provisioning XCM capable assets.
  • Prospective communities may need to bond SAMA in Paraverse auctions to participate in governance and access metaverse utilities.
  • Collators must stake SAMA to produce blocks and maintain network integrity, preventing malicious behavior.
  • On-chain governance participation may require holding and/or bonding SAMA.

What do we think about Moonsama – SAMA?

Moonsama is committed to integrating NFT’s into Web3 tools, experiences, and platforms that are all powered by the SAMA token. The future of SAMA will depend on the future of Moonsama, which includes its ability to expand further into the Multiverse, to empower builders, and craft an open and participatory future for the Web3 world.

If they succeed in their efforts and their community stands by their side, they will grow, and with them, their SAMA token as well. The future of Moonsama is thus centered around creating more accessible Web3 tools and experiences and the markets that will utilize its products going forward.

Moonsama Logo

Moonsama – SAMA conclusion

Moonsama is a platform that wants to get NFTs into a real utilitarian concept. With its many collections and big ambitions, it pushes forward to make web3 intersected with the blockchain features that we as crypto enthusiasts love. This cross-chain approach and the partnership with the Web3 gaming ecosystem Beam is a good way to entrench yourself on the frontline of the crypto GameFi narrative. More is sure to come.


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