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VIMworld – VEED

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Has your NFT collection been feeling a little…basic? Well, here comes VIMworld, where they believe they can reimagine investing and a NFT be so much more than just jpegs and social media profile pictures. The platform wants to pioneer Smart NFT tech that can empower the utilities of your beloved NFTs. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look at what VIMworld tries to achieve.

What is VIMworld – VEED?

VIM, which is short for Virtual Investment Minion, is a world that wants to make use of all the aspects of the blockchain movement and use them on NFT utilities. More concrete is that the platform’s unique blend presents GameFi, DeFi, and SocialFi spaces where users can collect and interact with their SmartNFTs.

What are Smart NFTs?

Smart NFTs are an advanced form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that provide unique capabilities beyond basic NFTs. VIMs are a type of SmartNFT that act as personalized companions within the VIMworld metaverse. 

They are scarce digital assets that use metadata to create highly individualized characters with unique attributes, ensuring that no two VIMs are identical, with of course using Blockchain to guarantee their authenticity and long-term value. 

What is VIMworld – VEED?

Building an Open Platform for NFT Projects

By creating this world, the project is building an open platform/world for NFT projects and is planning to extend its capabilities so that any NFT project that wants to integrate. Building the infrastructure that makes a collaborative integration possible, and where projects can utilize features like feeding tokens and leveling up, similar to VIMs, thus adding VIM-like functionalities to their NFTs. 

This review of VIMworld – VEED was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about VIMworld – VEED

VIMworld consists of many sub-universes so to speak, the sum is bigger than its parts as we see development after development. Let’s take a look at some of the most and newest of the VIM ecosystem.


The VIMworld DeFi hub is the place where they’ll be hosting new utilities all related to Decentralized Finance. As for now, you’ll only find a DEX widget running on Pancake Swap, that will let you swap POWA, VEED, and BNB. If you are connected with your wallet of course.

VMworld Arcade

In the Arcade users will have the chance to purchase a limited edition of VIMs at discounted prices during an event called the ‘VIMdispenser’. A sort of competitive race where users need to be the first to try to claim their limited edition VIM, a gaming element.

VIMworld Arcade


In VIMworld’s marketplace, users can max bid on VIMs, EGGs, or Companions, there is a mix of in-theme mystery boxes that can be bought and minted for all that wants. Perhaps you mint a super rare NFT with rare attributes, perhaps not. That is the surprise effect of the mystery boxes. Currently, there are

  1. Spook & Treat: This Box offers “spine-chilling and ghoulishly delightful treats” and is themed around Halloween.
  2. Sweet Tooth: This Box is related to “whimsy” and contains fun surprises.
  3. The Hot Ones: A bit more cryptic, but it may offer more thrilling or risky rewards.


The boxes will be in the theme of the ‘current’ thing and will be dynamic as times change. Incubators are also available from the Store to help hatch your eggs.

What is a Box?

Each Box contains a VIMworld EGG. Boxes have varying drop rates for the six EGG tiers. Eggs can be hatched using Incubators to reveal Companions that bring benefits. All Boxes are ERC-1155 tokens on BNB Smart Chain. Yes, each box contains distinct eggs. Check the index to see egg rarity across boxes. Users will discover new ones.

What is an EGG?

A VIMworld EGG is discovered when a Box is opened. Eggs can be hatched using Incubators to reveal Companions that bring benefits. There are six tiers of EGGs (Common, Fine, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Godly).


VIM stories

VIMstory is more the fantasy side of the platform where captivated readers can explore different tales written by the team behind VIMworld and also fan-made content. The storylines will evolve around the VIMs (Virtual Investment Minions) and their Companions. Perhaps for anyone interested, these stories could provide some backstory to the rise of VIMs, and let you immerse in this digital fantasy world.

VIMworld Ascendant Alpha Launch

Since Thursday, November 16, VIMworld has launched its Ascendant Alpha, which is a novel platform that merges the spheres of personal finance, cryptocurrency, and traditional financial markets. This unique platform endeavors to make investing an engaging and enjoyable process. By transforming the often tedious task of investing into an unprecedentedly fun and exciting activity Virtual Investment Minions (VIMs) are a key feature of the platform, designed to assist users in growing their wealth.

Since the new product has to be tested, VIMworld has opened everyone to explore the possibilities of this new product, hoping to attract as many users as possible. It will operate on the Ethereum testnet, providing users with a cost-free opportunity. If you want to know how to connect read on…


VIMworld Wallet – Nufinetes

Nufinetes is the next-generation crypto wallet created by the VIMworld team for the VeChain and VNFT community. Similar to Metamask it forms an easy connection to blockchain applications across various browsers and operating systems, both desktop and mobile. VIMworld wants to grow and expand its wallet on BSC and wants to be your gateway to all the possibilities of the VIMworld.

VMworld Airdrop

As of now, VIMworld is hosting an Active Users Reward Airdrop Event. They will reward early users with VIMs and other prizes that can be won simply by engaging in social media contests. They want everyone to encourage users to join the Alpha, bring in friends, be active, engage socially, and help the platform grow.

How to Qualify

To participate, you’ll need to:

  1. Follow this invitation link
  2. Provide your name and email.
  3. Share your Ethereum wallet address (minimum requirement of 0.02 $ETH or C-tier VIM on BSC).
  4. Save your unique referral link.


How to Earn Your Share

After qualifying, you can start earning your share of the airdrop by:

  1. Refer others to sign up and qualify.
  2. Engaging in daily activity on the testnet (and mainnet once released).
  3. Participating in daily actions.
  4. Adding valid bug reports.


Use case of VIMworld – VEED

What is POWA?

POWA serves as VIMworld’s secondary utility and governance token. Users can earn POWA by holding VIMs ranked C-tier or higher, as well as through positive participation within the VIMworld ecosystem.

How to earn POWA?

  • Earning POWA with VIMs
  • Earning POWA by Participating in VIMworld
  • Earning POWA by High Leaderboard Ranking
  • Earning POWA with Treasures

What will POWA be used for?

Initially POWA interacts with incubators. More utility revealed later! Tokenomics underway.

What are Incubators?

Incubators are needed with VIMs to hatch EGGs. Purchase Incubators from the Store. Incubators are ERC-721 with unique IDs, transferable. To incubate EGGs, need a VIM of same tier or higher as Incubator.

Migration to BSC & Ethereum

Originally on VeChain, VimWorld is migrating to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to better serve collectors and projects, leveraging BSC’s community. This raises questions about preserving vim rarity and value. VimWorld plans to extend vim functionality to Ethereum and Arbitrum, enabling assets and utility. However, expansion presents challenges like gas fees and speeds. The team is redesigning aspects to address this.

Where to buy and sell VIMworld – VEED?

You can swap VEED for POWA on VIMworld’s DEX widget in the DeFi hub. You may also trade tokens for POWA on a Dex like PancakeSwap. 

What do we think about VIMworld – VEED?

VMworld is doing some cool stuff in the crypto space that makes it stand out big time. They are not only talking but more importantly are launching the next products. When the bull market comes back, it will find its product-market fit and will experience a ton of users who want more than a simple idle NFT. Their ambition to take it to the next level could become a reality if crypto and NFTs were to know the same mania as we’ve seen in 2021. Fun times ahead from a project that kept building amid the deep depressions of the bear market.


VIMworld – VEED conclusion

VIMworld takes interoperability to the next level. What they want to build is a premier platform where NFTs can truly come alive, instead of just sitting idly in your wallet. With VIMworld’s Smart NFT innovation, your NFTs can level up, gain exciting powers, and access amazing benefits that unlock their full potential in the VIM ecosystem.


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