Merit Circle raises more than $100 million during LBP

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Merit Circle raises more than $100 million during LBP

Merit Circle raised over $100 million during their launch via a balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool, and within 72 hours! A huge achievement that broke a lot of records! In fact, it became the most successful balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool to date.

Merit Circle

Merit Circle held their token launch through a balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool. They held this through the platform CopperLaunch. To be precise, a total of $105.64 million was raised. A huge amount of money, which broke all records.

There is a lot of trust on Twitter for the project. Major influencers such as Pentoshi are leaving many positive words about Merit Circle. In an extensive thread he explains in great detail why he is such a big fan of the project. He also tweeted, “I’ll buy as much $MC as you have, right now, at $3”.

The MC token, which was given away during this LBBP, is going to serve as the oil for the machine: the Merit Circle DAO. This is a decentralized autonomous organization that would like to start increasing the value between different games in the metaverse. They are going to create a platform that will become the meeting point for investors, gamers and platform managers.

Merit Circle is thus strongly linked to both Play to Earn gaming and the Metaverse: two extremely hot topics in the crypto world at the moment! There is a lot of confidence in the project and it looks very strong in our opinion!

At the moment you can already get the MC token via Uniswap, but who knows where you can buy it soon! In any case, we have great confidence in the project and we will keep a close eye on the developments. Of course we will keep you informed!


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