How Solana’s Blockchain Links Make Crypto Accessible to Everyone

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How Solana’s Blockchain Links Make Crypto Accessible to Everyone

Solana is making yet another significant leap in making crypto transactions more accessible with their introduction of Solana Actions and blockchain links, commonly known as ‘Blinks’. These aim to integrate crypto seamlessly into everyday internet use, without the need for dedicated decentralized apps (dApps). Let’s take a look at the details.

What are Solana Actions and Blockchain Links (Blinks)?

Solana Actions empower users to initiate blockchain transactions through simple interfaces such as URLs, QR codes, and push notifications. Known as Blockchain links, or blinks, they simplify the payment process by enabling any transaction to be turned into a shareable link that can be shared anywhere on the internet—with no third-party application required.

How Do Solana Actions Differ from Blockchain Links?

The difference is in the background. While Solana Actions are the underlying APIs that facilitate transactions on various platforms, the blockchain links—or Blinks—are the interfaces that allow these transactions to be shared and accessed via their simple links.

Actions provide the infrastructure, whereas blinks offer the direct method of interaction.

Examples of Actions and Blinks


  • Staking SOL to secure the Solana network
  • Using QR codes for payments in retail stores
  • Token-gated minting experiences
  • Cryptocurrency payments directly from e-commerce product pages
  • Topping up trading accounts before margin calls
  • Integrating blockchain functionality into gaming platforms for asset trades


  • Tipping content creators on social media without complex wallet setups
  • Minting custom NFTs or participating in governance votes directly from URLs
  • Voting on community policies via links in newsletters

How Can Developers Get Started with Solana Actions?

Developers that are interested in integrating Solana Actions into their platforms can begin by exploring the resources available at, which offers comprehensive guidance on implementing the Actions Stack developed by Saydialect.

Are Actions and Blinks Secure?

While security and crypto are often two sides of the same coin, we can expect that anything coming from Solana has been thoroughly tested. However, wouldn’t payment links be easy for phishers to manipulate? Specific security measures and protocols have not yet been made public. We hope security is not overlooked as this technology expands.

Where Can You Use Solana Actions and Blinks?

Solana Actions can now be initiated on any website or application, across all social media platforms including X, previously Twitter. The first major accounts pushing these links will likely popularize them soon, making it easy to interact with the Solana blockchain from virtually any online platform.


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