Neon Wallet

What is Neon Wallet?

The Neon wallet is an open-source desktop wallet. The Neon wallet has been extensively reviewed by the team of Neo developers, which contributes enormously to its reliability. The Neon Wallet is easy to install and very user-friendly, making it very suitable for beginners. As mentioned earlier, the Neon Wallet is a desktop wallet. The Neon Wallet is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Neon wallet only supports Neo and other nep-5 tokens. Nep-5 tokens are tokens developed on the Neo blockchain. Nep-5 tokens are similar to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The nice thing about the Neon wallet is that you can claim your generated GAS from the Neon wallet, which is not an option in many cases. Should you be interested in an introductory video about the Neon wallet, click here.

The Neon wallet can also be used with a Ledger hardware wallet, making your tokens more secure than if they were stored in an online or software wallet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Neon Wallet in a table so that you can assess at a glance whether the Neon wallet meets your requirements.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Well secured
  • Beautiful design
  • Can be used with Ledger hardware wallet
  • Supported by many operating systems
    Reviewed by the Neo team


  • Only supports Neo and nep-5 tokens 
  • Not available as a mobile app 
  • No built-in exchange or portfolio tracking functionalities

Conclusion Neon

Neon wallet is a very suitable wallet for novice cryptocurrency investors and people who like to keep a separate wallet for their Neo and nep-5 tokens. The Neon wallet is well secured and offers the possibility for integration with Ledger hardware wallets. 

In short Neon wallet is highly recommended/ a must for people with Neo and nep-5 tokens.