Jaxx Wallet

What is Jaxx Wallet?

Jaxx wallet is a software wallet that supports over 80 cryptocurrencies and has been around for quite some timeThe wallet is available on Mac, Linux and Windows and can be downloaded in the app- and Google Play store. Jaxx works intuitively and has a simplistic design. This makes the wallet very suitable for new cryptocurrency investors.

Despite the at first glance very simplistic design, you can choose to use more advanced functionalities/features, such as:

  • Portfolio tracking optionality
  • Blockchain news
  • Taking advantage of different exchange rates
  • Making a backing-up of your wallet
  • Setting up a security pin
  • Adding and removing support of a particular cryptocurrency

In addition to the above functionalities, Jaxx wallet is integrated with Shapeshift, an exchange service that makes it possible to exchange tokens and coins. Therefore you can exchange all cryptocurrencies supported by the Jaxx platform.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Jaxx Wallet?


  • Many supported cryptocurrencies
  • Many coins with a low market value
  • BTC/ETH/USDT/HUSd & HT Trading pairs
  • Fast platform
  • High volumes
  • Very good customer service (24/7)
  • Safe, reliable and secure


  • Higher fees than popular exchanges
  • Focused on the Asian market
  • Minimal information in English
  • Cryptocurrencies are not insured

Conclusion Jaxx

Jaxx is a user-friendly online wallet and supports over 80 different cryptocurrencies. Also, Jaxx wallet has a built-in exchange feature of portfolio tracking, and an option to follow the cryptocurrency and blockchain news.