KuCoin Trading

How to trade on KuCoin?

On the KuCoin exchange, you have over 450 cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the 900+ markets available. You have the choice between spot trading, margin trading or futures trading. Once you have created an account at KuCoin and actually bought or deposited crypto you can start trading immediately without going through a verification process first.

Buying cryptocurrency at KuCoin can be done in different ways, with IDEAL, credit card or with a SEPA bank transfer. KuCoin uses third party payment channels for this that send your crypto to your KuCoin wallet. 

If you transfer cryptocurrency to your KuCoin account yourself, it is recommended to deposit BTC. By doing so you can buy every other coin the platform offers. This because BTC has a trading pair to almost all other coins.

On the home page, click ”Trade” in the upper left corner. Next click ”Spot trading”. You will now enter the trading display where you can actually buy and sell coins.

It may seem a bit intimidating for beginners but the more familiar you become with trading the more you get used to it.

At the top left you can choose the desired trading pair by clicking on the arrow next to BTC/USDT, where you can choose which mark you want to buy or sell. You can also use the search function. Next you can enter your order in the two blocks on the bottom right. On the right you enter a sell order and in the left block you enter a buy order. 

Choose Market if you want to buy/sell for the current market price. A limit order is used when you enter an order with a desired price that is higher or lower than the exact moment you enter the order. When this price is reached the order will be executed automatically.

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