KuCoin Bonus

Whatis KuCoin Bonus?

The KuCoin exchange offers its users the opportunity to invest in the KuCoin platform and be rewarded for your network contributions .You can invest in KuCoin by buying KuCoin shares, the native token KCS. By buying a KuCoin share you will be rewarded with a portion of the profits that KuCoin generates and distributes to KCS holders.

You can qualify for this bonus by owning a minimum of 6 KuCoin Shares, the more KCS the higher the bonus. So if you keep KCS in your account, every day you’ll receive a part of all the accumulated trading fee which has been paid to the exchange. Previously you always received the reward in the different coins in which the fee was collected.

Your contribution will be rewarded in KCS tokens. This has the advantage that you will be rewarded with one and the same token, so you will have more of the same instead of a lot of different small coins. The payout of the bonus in KCS also contributes to the stability and value of the KuCoin network.

The KuCoin exchange will make this payout by buying the KCS shares from the market and distributing them to the users who contribute and are thus entitled to them.

This will lead to increased demand for KuCoin Shares, where as te users want to hold KCS because they will get more rewards.

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