HTX Bonus & Candydrop

HTXoffers new users the opportunity to earn a limited-time $700 in the form bonuses by completing basic to advanced tasks. We take a look at what you can do to earn those bonuses.

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What are the beginners tasks HTX? 

To start with, if you just created an account, you can qualify for these small bonuses by performing relatively easy tasks by just depositing or buying your first cryptocurrency. 

Deposit Bonus

In this case you will get a bonus in Shiba Inu – SHIB when you choose to buy via the peer to peer – P2P payment method, via fiat or just deposit some crypto into your freshly made HTX account.

Trading Bonus

Do you want to start trading on HTX? Newcomers can try and claim this trading bonus. Where you need to make a trade larger than $500 in the futures markets or larger than $1 for a spot market trade.

Referral Bonus

HTX rewards users who refer other users to their platform. By rewarding them 100 USDT and 30% commission on the fees of every successful referral.

What are the challenge tasks on HTX? 

Mystery Box

The first challenge is an easy one. You need to check in 7 days in a row. If you are consistent enough to do this, you will be rewarded on the seventh day with a mystery box.

Challenge of the day

Besides this easy one, HTX Global lists new challenges each day. Each day challenges will be reset to new tasks. To stay updated, check out HTX /welfare

You can qualify for these bonuses by trading and cranking up the volume of that particular coin Huobi rewards you for.

Prize Draw

Bonuses are paid out in Shiba Inu – SHIB or moon badges. A moon badge gives you a chance to play the prize draw. Collect enough and make a chance to win prizes.

Beware you have to earn 200 moon badges to draw once.

Huobi Each Day New Challenges

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