HTX Manual

Learn how to use HTX exchange! Here is our step-by-step guide through the basics of setting up an account, buying cryptocurrency and making your first trade on HTX .

Table of Contents

How to create an account on HTX?

Creating an account on HTX is easy and can be done by email or mobile. We explain step by step how to set up your account.

To create an account, go to the official HTX website!


Huobi manual how to sign up

If you choose to register with your email, you need to enter your email address and (strong) password and the referral code: px857.

By doing this you are are eligible for a welcome bonus 

Click on ‘Register‘ and enter the verification code you received via email.

Please note: The email address cannot be changed. If you lose access to your e-mail address, you will lose access to your HTX account.


You can also register with your mobile number instead of your email address. 

Select your country code and enter your mobile number and strong password and include the referral code: px857, to receive a welcome bonus.

Click on ‘Register

Enter the verification code you received via SMS.

When you register with your mobile number, they will still need to link an email address if you want to withdraw cryptocurrency.

Huobi Phone

After signing up, you will receive a verification e-mail with a verification code.

To proceed, fill in the six-digit number in the required field.

Huobi manual how to sign up 3

After successfully signing up, you will be asked to deposit your first crypto or complete tasks where you can earn up to $170.

How to sign in on HTX ?

Click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right-hand side of the website or click this here.

Huobi manual how to sign up

After signing up, you will receive a verification e-mail with a verification code.

To proceed, fill in the six-digit number in the required field.

Huobi manual how to sign up 3

After successfully signing up, you will be asked to deposit your first crypto or complete tasks.  More info can be found here.

How do I verify my HTX Account?

Log into your HTX account

Under your “Profile” icon, Click on “Verification” in the drop-down menu to upload your documents for verification

Huobi manual how do i verify my huobi account

Fill in your details in all the fields provided:

Kindly follow the below requirements strictly to prevent a delay in your verification process.

  • ID can be passport, ID, Driver license
  • Name and country must be exactly as shown in your passport. Please include your middle name (if any), in either of the name fields
  • Points to take note for the Photo ID upload:
    • Formats supported include JPG or PNG format
    • Please don’t upload scan or copy version
    • The document must be smaller than 5MB
    • Information in the passport/identity photo, especially the passport/identity number and the name, must be clearly visible without any modification or obstruction.

Your verification will be processed within 24 hours once all documents have been correctly submitted.

How to activate two-factor verification - 2FA on HTX?

To set up an extra layer of security, it is recommended to link two-factor authentication – 2 FA to your HTX account. 

To do this you will need to download the Google authenticator application, that can be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It is important to keep a copy of the Recovery Key Phrase – RKP and store it safely. Many users lose access to their account by losing the RKP. 

Click on ‘Security‘ and a prompt will appear

Click on ‘enable GA Verification‘.

Huobi Security warning

The following screen will appear.

Huobi Link GA

Launch the Google Authenticator app and select the ‘+‘ icon and select ‘Scan barcode‘.

After scanning the QR code, an account will be added on the google authenticator app and you will be able to read a 6-digit code.

Enter the 6-digit code you received and press ‘Submit‘.

Be sure to ALWAY write down your Recovery Key Phrase – RKP and store it in a safe location. 

How to deposit cryptocurrencies on HTX?

Login to your account.

Click on “Assets” in the top right corner and click ‘Deposit’ and the following screen will appear.

Huobi Deposit

Here you can choose which cryptocurrency you want to deposit. In our example we will be using USDT.

Click on the ‘Send deposit address’. For safety measures, your deposit address will be send to the email you registered with.

After this USDT deposit address will appear. If this is correct and the same as on your received mail. You can choose to copy the deposit address or scan the QR Code.

IMPORTANT: In this case, USDT has multiple supported chains (OMNI, ERC20), please select the right chain before depositing! Failing to do so can result in a loss of funds.

The duration of your deposit will depend on the speed of the blockchain of that particular cryptocurrency.

How to buy crypto with fiat on HTX?

You can buy cryptocurrency on HTX in three different ways. You can choose to use ‘Quick Buy/Sell’ where you can pay by credit/debit card or use a trusted payment provider. Other ways to buy crypto is to deposit fiat currency on your HTX account. The last method is to work with peer to peer – P2P transactions where you will buy directly from other users. For all payment methods you need to verify your HTX account.

Quick Buy/Sell

Hover over “Buy Crypto” in the top left corner of your screen and click on ‘Quick Buy/Sell‘.

Here you can pay with credit card or debit card. Payments with SEPA bank transfer and iDeal are also possible.


Select the payment method and the fiat currency you wish to pay with. You have the choice between many fiat currencies such as; AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD, …

Fill in your card details and the transaction and proceed with the purchase.

After the transaction is completed, you can transfer the crypto from your Fiat Account to your HTX Exchange Account. To trade cryptocurrency. 

Fiat Deposit

To deposit euro – EUR with SEPA bank transfer or iDEAL you can choose for the ‘Fiat Deposit‘ option on HTX.

Choose ‘Bank Transfer SEPA’ as the payment method. Fill in the amount of EUR to be deposited and click on “Next”.

Be sure to use the linked bank account on your name. You can only buy with this bank account. 

Once you complete the payment Huobi will credit the deposited euro – EUR after a review (a few business days).

How to trade cryptocurrencies on HTX?

Go to ‘Markets‘ and choose the trading pair you want to buy or sell.

Click on the preferred market where you will see a following display.

Choose to Buy or Sell with the following orders; 

Limit Order: Specified your price to buy and sell
Market Order: Best market price at the particular moment

TP/SL Order: Set a Take Profit or Stop Loss order after you have bought. 

Trigger Order: If the ‘last’ price of the cryptocurrency reaches an predermined point. An order will trigger to buy or sell. 

Once you have placed a buy or sell order and it has not been filled yet, it can be found in the top bar under the tab ‘Orders’ and ‘Open Orders’.

Huobi manual how to trade cryptocurrencies on Huobi 2

Create HTX account

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