Binance Exchange

⚠️ Disclaimer: 🇳🇱 Dutch users are not able to access the spot and derivatives markets on Binance. It is important to understand the legal and regulatory framework in your country before using cryptocurrency exchanges. ⚠️

What is the Binance Exchange?

Binance has grown into the largest cryptocurrency exchange to date. They offer one of the largest selections of cryptocurrencies and tokens of which most are largecap and midcap coins. At the time of writing Binance has over 21 million users and 1500 employees. If you are looking to actively trade cryptocurrency or futuresBinance is the place to be!

However, Binance is much more than just a trading platform. They have their own blockchain (Binance Smart Chain), their own crypto currency Binance coin (BNB), a DeFi sector, a startp-up incubator and launchpad. You can’t think of anything Binance isn’t involved in. Binance is leading the way as one of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is fully committed to the adoption of blockchain technology.

Is Binance Reliable?

Binance is known as a safe and reliable exchange which is of course very important for it’s users. You want your money and investments to be safe. Binance is constantly working on security to protect it’s users. They work with an AI security system and use separate security departments that guards the exchange against cyber criminals.

Is Binance easy to use?

Furthermore, Binance is one of the most user friendly exchanges in terms of interface and order processing. Their website is available in many different languages. It is also possible to stake various cryptocurrencies on their exchanges for which you will receive the staking rewards directly into your account. In most cases, they also support tokenswaps of coins that are listed on their exchange.

European customers can also apply for a Binance card, which can be used like a normal debit card could pay. This card can be credited from your Binance wallet and where your cryptocurrency automatically will convert to euros if you pay with your Binance card.

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