STR8FIRE wants to revolutionize GameFi with a new way of rewarding players that join their ecosystem. This article delves into STR8FIRE’s vision, roadmap, and the functionalities of its ecosystem, and offers insights into its innovative approach to free-to-play-to-earn gaming. Let’s take a look 👀.

What is STR8FIRE – STR8X?

First of all, what does STR8FIRE want to do exactly? Well, STR8FIRE is an Intellectual Property (IP) startup that wants to do things differently than Web2 IP companies by putting Web2 intellectual properties onto the blockchain, offering their community to co-invest with them in new, as well as existing IPs that bridge Web2 and Web3.

Eyeing all things that have and/or need intellectual property, think about animation, comics, games, toys, and music. STR8FIRE aims to craft immersive narratives and interactive experiences and blend entertainment with tangible financial benefits. An experience that rewards players of their ecosystem financially.

Straight Fire primarily targets markets in Asia, including China, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea, due to the team’s background and previous successes in bridging Eastern and Western markets. 

The People Behind STR8FIRE

But in order to craft these new experiences for people with intellectual property, an experienced team needs to be formed. In this case, a team consisting of individuals from the comic realm of Marvel, an IP developer for Disney, and a BAFTA-winning animator (Ben Lock), all of whom are on top of the latest AI and DeFi trends.


Str8fire Team
Christiaan Eisberg, Xuyang Zhao

This review of STR8FIRE – STR8X was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about STR8FIRE – STR8X

Str8fire Entertainment

IP-Based NFTs

STR8FIRE’s IP-based NFTs are not just digital collectibles but are gateways to deeper engagement with the fans that love their franchise. This means these NFTs have more utility than just being collected. They also have:

  • A High-Yield Potential: These IP NFTs can be burned in exchange for APY NFTs, allowing holders to earn exponential yields while staking STR8X.
  • Exclusive Perks: Holders of these IP NFTs enjoy benefits, such as in-game assets, tickets to exclusive events, or early access to new IPs

STR8FIRE’s Free-to-Play-to-Earn Gaming

STR8FIRE offers a diverse array of over 20 games that draw inspiration from animations and comics. These games incorporate rich narratives, characters, and visual styles, making the gaming experience immersive and deeply engaging. The variety includes puzzles, strategic games, runners, shooters, and music games, each linked to the unique IPs in STR8FIRE’s portfolio. Some notable games are; 

VIRUS: A Blockbuster Introduction

This co-production with Bilibili, China’s largest ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) platform, has already amassed nearly 30 million views and is featured on Bilibili’s pay-per-view platform.

AngryFoot: A Cultural Phenomenon

Developed by Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, AngryFoot is the world’s first Native American superhero. With a global fanbase of over 4.4 million and more than 80 million albums sold, AngryFoot’s influence is undeniable.

All games in STR8FIRE’s lineup are available on mobile for free on both iOS and Android platforms, which is done to be accessible in a world where everyone should be able to enjoy gaming without any initial investment.

Earn Game Points and Converting into Currency

While playing for free, players have the opportunity to compete on leaderboards and accumulate in-game points that can be used to earn a little.

With the ability to convert game points into STR8X tokens, all players have the opportunity to receive airdrops into their wallets and be rewarded for all the time they played.

Use case of STR8FIRE – STR8X

The STR8X token will be central in the STR8FIRE ecosystem and will facilitate transactions and reward mechanisms within the platform. It is crucial to note that STR8X is intended for use within the ecosystem and is not classified as a security.

While currently utilizing Polygon primarily due to its early support and low gas fees, STR8FIRE is not strictly bound to any single blockchain and will remain open to exploring other blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The STR8X token will serve multiple purposes within the STR8FIRE ecosystem, including:

  • Platform Fees: It is used to pay all platform fees, including those for NFT burning.
  • In-Game Transactions: Gamers use STR8X for all in-game purchases and to enhance their gaming performance.
  • Play-to-Earn Entry: It functions as a buy-in for various play-to-earn games.



STR8X Tokenomics

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 STR8X
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 778,750,000 STR8X (7.79%)
  • Total Supply in Presale: 2,100,000,000 STR8X (21%)
  • Total Supply Free at TGE: 178,750,000 STR8X (1.79%)
  • TGE Market Cap (excluding liquidity): USD 536,250
  • TGE Fully Diluted Market Cap: USD 30,000,000


Token Distribution

Token Allocation

STR8X Staking

Staking your STR8X tokens, particularly in combination with High APY NFTs, will be a way for holders to earn an extra return. Single-sided staking and staking in combination with your NFTs will be done in the future on the STR8FIRE platform.

Str8fire Staking

IP Launchpad

STR8FIRE will launch the first IP Launchpad in Web3, where their community can co-invest with them in IPs from Web2 and Web3 and benefit from monetisation across animations, comics, toys, games, and much more..

Governance Rights for Token Holders

STR8FIRE also plans to involve token holders in the governance of the project. This participation will likely include making decisions on key aspects of the project’s development and strategy. More details will be revealed in the future.

Where to buy and sell STR8FIRE – STR8X?

The STR8X token, essential to the STR8FIRE ecosystem, has not yet launched and is currently not available on any exchanges. It is scheduled to be launched on the Mexc exchange soon. If you’re interested in acquiring the token at launch, you can create an account on Mexc in advance to be prepared.

What do we think about STR8FIRE – STR8X?

It is in the name, as STR8FIRE simply means something exceptional and cool, which reflects the project’s aim to stand out in the NFT market. It is not just a gaming platform; it will be an ecosystem designed to integrate gaming with digital asset earning potential.

STR8FIRE believes that NFTs should not be confined to digital wallets but should be shared and enjoyed globally. This philosophy is embodied in their “share to reward” model, which incentivizes NFT owners to showcase their collections to the world. Through their DApp, users can display their NFTs and receive rewards. It will be interesting to see if these take off.

This shift not only democratizes content ownership but also ensures that fans are financially rewarded for their engagement and support.

Str8fire Logo

STR8FIRE – STR8X conclusion

STR8FIRE is not just pioneering a new frontier in GameFi, but it’s redefining how players interact with games and digital assets. By integrating IP-based NFTs and a free-to-play-to-earn model, STR8FIRE is set to captivate both gamers and investors. Its diverse approach, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility, positions it uniquely in the rapidly evolving market.


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