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YourCryptoLibrary was founded in 2018 by a group of Dutch blockchain enthusiasts. By publishing news reports, interviews, developments in the blockchain and coins that are highlighted, we aim to provide both beginners and experts with the right information to learn more about the developments in the industry.

As our platform and community continued to grow, we received frequent requests to start a VIP Group in which we provide weekly calls, daily cryptocurrency updates and trading signals, discuss upcoming opportunities in (private) token sales, DeFi, NFTs and more.

As a result, we’re excited to introduce YourCryptoLibrary VIP to you! We’re currently already counting close to 40 members, and have decided to allow for max. 50 members throughout this summer.

What do I get by becoming a YourCryptoLibrary VIP member?

There’s various unique opportunities you get by becoming a VIP member, including but not limited to:

  • Daily cryptocurrency market updates on bitcoin and altcoins
  • Cryptocurrency trading signals on altcoins listed on Binance
  • Unique insights into our long-term altcoin picks
  • Weekly calls in which we discuss the market condition, and specific (requested) topics
  • Access to a private Telegram group with other members and technical-analysis announcement channel with trading signals.
  • Private content on technical & fundamental analysis
  • Private cryptocurrency research reports
  • Access to private token sale opportunities
  • Members can request custom content, and our opinion specific altcoins (FA/TA)


Coming, but not here yet:

  • Private Discord channel
  • Private video content

How can I become a YourCryptoLibrary VIP member?

You can become a VIP member in just a couple of steps!

  1. Fill out this form:
  2. As soon as there’s a spot available you’ll receive an email from with an invitation and payment instructions
  3. Reply to the email with your TxHash
  4. Wait for a reply with a link to our private Telegram group & announcement channel and you’re in!

Costs: access to the VIP group currently costs $269.95 / month. Payments are made in advance of each new month.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at: