What is a wallet address?

A wallet needs a wallet address. But what is this and how do you deal with it? On this page we teach you everything about a wallet address, also known as a receiving address.

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Do you want to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and trade with it or save in the longer term? Then store your purchased tokens and cryptocurrencies at your own address. This private address is called a Wallet address.

A wallet address is a unique number that you could compare with your own account number. With one provider it is called an address, with another a receiving address. Both terms mean the same thing in this case. It is a series of numbers and numbers between 26 and 35 characters, like for example: 1GNMjTg3DkVLvytd3tZrw7aep1iupKV4zi You can just share the address with others. No crypto can be taken from your address without your password. So never put a password, encryption, security phrase or private key online. Also, you should never send it to others. You only have to do this with your public address.

“A wallet address is a unique number that you could compare with your own account number.”

QR code for a wallet address

You can also create or display an address as a QR code. There are different variants, both with and without a logo (or with a different logo). Below 2 examples.

Wallet addresses are case sensitive

Crypto addresses are case sensitive. It is best to always copy and paste your address. Writing and typing is possible, but one mistake and the address is incorrect. If you have made one mistake in an address, then the damage is probably not too bad and your sent transfer will be returned. The chance that an address with 1 spelling error is still valid (an active address) and the transaction is approved is about 1 in 4 billion.

Where can I find an address?

If you have created a wallet, in almost all cases you can find the address if you press “Receive” / “Receive”.