Trezor Hardware Wallet

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Trezor is a good wallet that allows you to store cryptocurrency. We have written a Trezor tutorial for you. On this page, learn in 5 steps how to create a Trezor wallet in different ways.

Trezor Manual

Trezor is a hardware wallet where you can store all kinds of cryptocurrency. This is a cold storage wallet. This means that it is a device that you can hold in your hand a.k.a. hardware.

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Preparing your Trezor for use

Connect your Trezor to a computer or laptop using a USB cable. It is also possible to connect it to an Android device. You will need a USB-OTG connector.

You can set up the Trezor wallet in different ways.

Storage options Trezor

  1. The Trezor Chrome extension for using the Google Chrome browser, this is recommended though.
  2. Or via the Trezor Manager on Android devices such as phone or tablet.

Trezor Chrome Extension

You need the Trezor Chrome extension to communicate with your wallet, you can find it on the Trezor wallet website. On this page you will find a green button with “Install extension.

You can also use the Trezor Extension on a Linux or Chromebook, this requires a few extra steps during installation. These steps are explained here.

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Label the device

After the Trezor is reconnected give the device a label. If you have multiple Trezor wallets this is an easy way to keep them apart in the wallet software.

Update Firmware

Open the Trezor wallet page (with the Chrome extension now installed). We use the wallet page as an example, but on the Android app the further installation is almost identical.

Upon opening the wallet page (or app) you get a notification to install the latest firmware.

On the computer you confirm the installation of the new Trezor firmware. Disconnect the Trezor and reconnect it to the computer.

Trezor Hardware wallet Update firmware

Choosing and entering your PIN

You can use the Trezor hardware wallet securely with any computer. The Trezor uses a unique method for entering the PIN to ensure security.

The numbers you enter are not visible on the screen of the PC or Android for security, you can see them on your Trezor itself.

Every time you enter your password the order of the numbers is different. With this method the hardware wallet prevents hackers from finding out your PIN by means of the pressed buttons on your PC or Android.

Now choose a pincode by looking at the numbers on your Trezor and pressing the corresponding buttons on your PC or Android device. For confirmation, enter your pincode again. Please note that the positions of the digits have now changed.

Backing up your recovery seed

Backing up your recovery seed. With this list of words you can restore access to your wallet once you lose the hardware wallet or if it breaks down. Anyone can access your wallet with this list, so it is very important that you keep it in a good safe place.

Take into consideration water damage, fire and make sure you have multiple copies. You don’t need the PIN code you created earlier to recover your wallet with the seed, so it can’t protect you if your recovery seed falls into someone else’s hands.

Take the recovery seed from the Trezor and write down all the words that appear on the screen of the wallet. By clicking on the right button on the Trezor you go to the next word.

After you have filled in all 24 words on the card all words will appear again on the Trezor. Check these words carefully to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes when writing down your recovery seed.

Again, the recovery seed gives full access to your wallet and is therefore your backup. If you don’t keep it or don’t fill it in properly your coins will be lost forever in case of the loss or malfunction of your Trezor.

The Trezor is now ready for use

Congratulations! Your device is now ready to use. If you installed your device using Google Chrome, you will see the image below on your screen.

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