The Digital Bitbox

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What is the Digital Bitbox?

The Digital Bitbox is a very secure Bitcoin hardware wallet, it has the best features to keep your Bitcoins safe. You may not have heard much about it because it is less known than, for example, the Ledger Nano S or the Trezor. It is certainly not inferior to these other hardware wallets in terms of security, perhaps even better considering the offline recovery files.

Image: Digital Bitbox by Cryptomaan

So what is special about the Digital Bitbox?

The Digital Bitbox is a super solid Swiss product. It delivers the best Bitcoin security and privacy! This fine hardware wallet was designed by the Eidgenössische Hogeschool in Zurich, developed under the leadership of Jonas Schnelli who is now a major Bitcoin Core Developer. Developed for and by geeks. Despite the technical background of this Jonas, the Bitbox is very easy to use for anyone who prefers a high degree of security of their Bitcoins.

What are the advantages of the Digital Bitbox?

A big advantage of the Bitbox is that this wallet only works by means of a micro SD card. This will save the recovery file as a PDF. This PDF file contains a backup code for restoring your Bitcoin wallet. This code can only be used in combination with your password. Make a few copies of the file with the backup code and keep them in safe places, preferably also in another location in case of fire or water damage. Put the original in a safe so only you can access your Bitcoins. If it is true that a copy is stolen, it is of no use to the thief. This is in contrast to other hardware wallets where you, in possession of the 12-word walletseed, initiate the recovery procedure and can access the Bitcoins. This is not possible with the Bitbox,

You can create as many wallets as you want with the Bitbox and it is super easy to switch between the different wallets. However, it is recommended not to actively use the SD card that contains most Bitcoins, but to store it as an offline, so-called cold storage in the safe.

The Bitbox is actually a combination of an encrypted software Bitcoin wallet and the durable cold storage. With this wallet you do not have to worry that your cryptos will be hacked. This is because your Private Keys do not end up on the computer or the internet. The setup/backup and recovery file all work offline with the SD card.

The Digital Bitbox is therefore the wallet for the paranoid Bitcoin user who does not want to make any compromises when it comes to Bitcoin security.

Another big advantage of the Digital Bitbox is the secret Bitcoin wallet, which you can only open by entering a different password. It is not to be hoped, but if you are robbed and you have to open your Bitcoin wallet, you can also open the wrong wallet, so that not all your Bitcoins have to be found. It is also possible to enter a wrong password, because then the Bitbox creates a fake wallet, so that your assets remain safe. The Digital Bitbox is therefore not only hacker or malware safe, but also really theft safe.

What are the features of the Bitbox

  • Genuine Swiss solidity: quality, privacy and no backdoors
  • Works without drivers, with its own software client to avoid security risks of browser-based clients.
  • Is portable and does not attract attention due to a discreet design with extremely durable housing quality.
  • Private keys are stored on a high-security chip with a minimum lifespan of 50 years that has been further developed to prevent attempts at physical extraction.
  • Embedded LED status indicator
  • Removed and reset after 15 wrong password attempts, if this happens accidentally then you can recover it by using the recovery file on the SD card.
  • The Bitbox supports multiple signatures (multisig)
  • Two-factor identification is possible to enable for extra security.
  • Tor and Tails OS compatible to further protect your online privacy and surf anonymously.
  • The Bitbox supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and ERC20 tokens (it is being considered to expand in the future).

Where can you buy the Digital Bitbox?

  • Buy the Digital Bitbox at Cryptomaan.
  • Buy the Digital Bitbox at Shift Cryptocurrency.

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