Matt Damon launches partnership with

Matt Damon

Matt Damon launches partnership with

The well-known American Matt Damon, known for example from his films “Good Will Hunting”, “Jason Bourne” and “The Martian”, has started a collaboration with Namely with his non profit organization that he founded in 2009. With this foundation he hopes to eradicate the water crisis worldwide.

The Matt Damon partnership

The well-known crypto exchange has donated to Matt Damon’s foundation, and not just any amount. The exchange donated an amount of $1 million. He founded the foundation in cooperation with Gary White, who runs the foundation as CEO.’s donation will go towards providing clean water and clean water facilities (such as pipes, taps and showers) to people in areas that need it most. Think for example of people in areas in Africa.

“ and are both working toward positive transformation, and our innovative, financial solutions will help change lives and the world,” are words from Matt Damon in an official statement he released regarding the new partnership. “As our financial solutions and platforms evolve, we can use them for good,” he also said.

Donations to charities in the form of crypto are becoming increasingly popular. Especially during the situation around Afghanistan a few weeks back, several situations surfaced where it was possible to donate in the form of crypto. Currently, crypto donations are being used to raise money for suicide prevention, ethical journalism and even a global basic income. Interesting initiatives, of course.

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