‘Zimbabwe next to accept Bitcoin’

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‘Zimbabwe next to accept Bitcoin’

After El Salvador and Cuba, Zimbabwe is also likely to introduce Bitcoin as an official means of payment in the country. Currently, the government is being taught about Bitcoin and the risks involved after they became very interested in the currency in a short period of time.

Zimbabwe accepts Bitcoin

Nothing is certain yet, but it is being reported by several local news outlets that the government of Zimbabwe is extremely interested in adopting Bitcoin as an official means of payment. Not only are they very interested in it, but they are reportedly already working on it. Therefore, it would not be long before we could expect official news.

It would be the third country in a few months to make this move, after El Salvador and Cuba previously tied the knot. In El Salvador in particular, it is already having many positive effects. From the profits the government made there with Bitcoin in their own possession, they already built several schools and hospital. Nice to see that introducing Bitcoin seems to be a good choice so far.

This could lead to more and more countries adopting Bitcoin as their official means of payment. So far it seems to be especially popular among countries that are economically less than perfect, but if it continues, there is a good chance that within a few years even first world countries will introduce Bitcoin. Who knows! In any case, we will continue to follow Bitcoin closely. We will be the first to let you know when Bitcoin reaches $100k.

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