Your Open Metaverse: MEXC Listst YOM on March 15th

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Your Open Metaverse: MEXC Listst YOM on March 15th

Have you ever dreamed of a fully distributed metaverse where you can create your own virtual world and connect with others from all over the globe? Your Open Metaverse, or YOM, is set to make that a reality. With YOM, you can craft custom content on your own channels and websites, co-creating a new reality and establishing an open and inclusive society. 

What is Your Open Metaverse – YOM? 

YOM is the first fully distributed metaverse that provides creators with the ability to craft custom interoperable Web3 content on their own channels and websites. By co-creating meta reality, YOM enables brands, creators, and individuals to establish an open, inclusive meta society, using its infrastructure tools.

Where to buy Your Open Metaverse – YOM? 

YOM is scheduled to be launched on March 15th at 10:00 UTC on MEXC Global. Those who wish to explore the token utility early on can consider creating an account with MEXC Global.

A Whole New Level of Token Utility

YOM offers a whole new level of token utility. It allows you to visit live performances in dynamic virtual worlds with your friends and collect exclusive branded wearables. Users can also create your own metaspaces and experiences in Unreal Engine and publish these live to any website or channel. Additionally, YOM rewards users for allocating gaming machine’s resources to the network in various 3D assets such as NFTs and airdrop that you can use in the metaspace.

YOM Hits Major Milestones in Q4 2021

YOM achieved all objectives on its roadmap in Q4 2021, with its Launchpool Pre-IDO becoming a massive success. YOM set a new record as the highest oversubscribed token on the platform, with over 7000 wallets staking $18 million in LPOOL tokens to access the $350k YOM token strategic allocation.

YOM Partnership & Backings

YOM’s first official partnership with Zeloo Sports Management, a preferred sales agency focused on sports and entertainment, is a significant achievement. A growing number of agencies are looking to get in on the action. Among these are well-known names like Cinetica, Canopy Creative, Happiness Room, and Metaverse Architects.

Also,  YOM adds a list of experienced partners and VC backers, including Alphabit, Solar Eco Fund, and even YourCryptoLibrary itself.


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