These are the coins Elon Musk is investing in

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These are the coins Elon Musk is investing in

That Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, among others, is quite concerned with crypto is well known by now. Earlier this year he, consciously or not, pumped up the prices of Dogecoin and Bitcoin several times. Many people earned a lot of money from this, but also many people lost a lot of money. But which crypto currencies does Elon Musk himself invest in? That’s something many people are wondering. Today you will get an answer.

Elon Musk’s investments

The answer is very simple. Elon Musk invests in Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin. This is how he indicates himself. He adds that he thinks you should not gamble with crypto. According to him, it is important to build real products that actually add something to the world. That Elon is in Bitcoin and Ethereum is of course not surprising. What is remarkable is that he is in Dogecoin.

He indicates that the projects behind the various crypto currencies are particularly important to him. Dogecoin does not really have a project at the moment. However, Elon Musk has previously revealed that he is working on Dogecoin in collaboration with a number of developers. Who knows, maybe one day it will become a very good crypto currency with a great project. Another thing he says about Dogecoin is that it feels like the “crypto of the people.

Very interesting to know of course, what Elon Musk is investing in. After all, he is one of the market leaders when it comes to technology and, as history has shown, he therefore certainly has an influence on the price. So it might just be smart to also invest in the coins that Elon is in. You can buy them within minutes via Binance! Click on this link to get started.


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