The Web3 alternative to Google

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The Web3 alternative to Google

Web3 is becoming increasingly popular. Known to be branded as ‘the internet of users’. In Web3; Cryptocurrencies, DAOs and dApps, among others, would be used to facilitate this new form of internet. But for many big tech giants of web2, there are different Web3 alternatives. Namely Presearch, who takes its on against the giant search engine google. But how does Presearch work? And why do you want to consider using an alternative to Google?

Why a Web3 alternative to Google?

When you start looking at why there should be a Web3 alternative to Google, you can actually just look at why people want Web3 in the first place. There are a number of distinguished reasons why people would prefer Web3 over Web2.

For example, one main reason is that the power over the internet is very much centralized in the hands of a number of superpowers, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. When using Web3, in this case for example Presearch, the power is much less in the hands of one big company: Google.

Another reason that a Web3 alternative might be better than the Web2 solution is the sale of data. Currently, superpowers like Google can sell all of its users data to the one who pays most for it. Think about advertisers, for example. Web3 alternatives, like Presearch offer a solution where the data is only sold when its users consent.

What is Presearch? is a decentralized search engine that rewards users with PRE tokens. Currently, if you use the search engine user, you’ll receive 0.0768 PRE (about $0.02). So when you search something through Presearch, you will receive about $0.02 just for this search result. When it comes to user experience, there is not much difference between Presearch and Google.

Want to know more about Presearch? We previously wrote an extensive coin report about it!

Are you interested in Presearch and would you like to try it out? You can create an account completely free, through this link. On top of that you will receive 25 PRE ($6.50). 


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