What were the best performing coins of January 2022?

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What were the best performing coins of January 2022?

The first month of the year, January, is already over and so it’s time to take a look at what turned out to be the best investments of the year so far. Although historical data will not give you an exact prediction for the future, it might help you to recognize certain patterns. What kind of coins perform well in such a bad month? As the famous saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

FTX Token (FTT) + 9.81%.

FTT is the token of the FTX exchange. Users of the exchange can use the token to enjoy various benefits. Holders of the token get up to 60% discount on the trading fees of the FTX exchange. You can imagine that the token grows as the exchange grows. More users of the exchange, means more people who want a discount on the fees, means more investors in the FTT token. If you want to learn more visit our FTX page here.

This was reflected last month, as the FTX Token rose by almost 10%, while almost the entire market was red. 

Telos (TLOS) + 55.35%

TLOS also did well this month. TLOS is the coin of the Telos blockchain. The Telos blockchain is said to be able to perform 10,000 transactions per second and is said to consume as much as 122,500 times less energy than Ethereum.

Telos gained traction by rising a whopping 55.35%.

LooksRare (LOOKS) + 180%

LOOKS is the token of the NFT marketplace LooksRare, which is completely decentralized. LOOKS was launched via an airdrop and immediately received a lot of attention on Twitter.

The token was launched on January 10th, making it its first month on the market.  In terms of returns, this hype was certainly lived up to in the first month.

LooksRare was the top gainer of January with a rise of %180.


It was a red month in the crypto markets. But even in such a market, there are projects that make nice gains. Do you want to start trading cryptocurrency? You can! This can be done Huobi!


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