Swiss National Bank confirms successful CBDC test with five commercial banks

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Swiss National Bank confirms successful CBDC test with five commercial banks

On the 13th of January 2022, the Swiss National Bank has confirmed a successful CBDC test with five commercial banks. CBDC stands for ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’, meaning it is a digital currency ran by a central bank.

The Swiss National Bank

This test is known as ‘Project Helvetia’, executed by the Swiss National Bank. It could be the start of a CBDC in Switzerland, meaning that people would be able to pay with a digital currency, instead of a regular currency. It is one of the most advanced CBDC tests as of yet, according to their own announcement. 

Central banks all around the world are doing tests like these, as they are very interested in having their own digital currency. It is partly because they love the ease of digital currencies, but also because they want to have more control over what happens in the world of digital currency, as they have very little control now. 

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