Saving the world by buying NFTs? It’s possible.

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Saving the world by buying NFTs? It’s possible.

Saving the world, who wouldn’t want that? Crypto makes that possible too. At least, you can help at least a little. Namely, by buying Coorest NFTs, which look like 3D trees.

The NFTrees

The project was initiated by the company Coorest, which bought land in Spain and has already planted 1,500 trees there. ‘Climate change exists, and we need to respond now,’ said Coorest.

When you plant an NFT it belongs to 1 tree. The CO2 that this tree absorbs is tokenized, this means that you receive tokens for 20 years for having this NFT. These tokens are tradable on the blockchain.

With every NFT you buy you also get a certificate. This certificate states the location of the tree, the date the tree was planted, the type of tree and the amount of CO2 your tree has absorbed. You can then also visit your tree in real life.

Not only will you receive tokens for the amount of CO2 your tree absorbs, but you will also receive tokens for the amount of fruit your tree produces.

Mining an NFTTree currently costs you $69. The calculation at this moment shows that you will earn about 2.89% per year from the CO2 yield and 20% per year from the fruit yield that starts when your tree is 3 years old.

We find this project very interesting and keep a close eye on it! Do you want to know more about this project? In this Medium post the whole project is explained in detail.


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