Robinhood’s COO speaks out positively about Shiba Inu

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Robinhood’s COO speaks out positively about Shiba Inu

Robinhood’s COO, Christine Brown, has spoken positively about Shiba Inu. In particular, she is positive about the community behind memecoin. However, she does indicate that she considers the security of the platform more important than the short-term profit they can make by “listening to as many coins as possible.

The words of Robinhood’s COO

Christine Brown made these statements during a livestream last Tuesday, during the Crypto Goes Mainstream event. When talking about Shiba Inu (SHIB), she said, “One of my favorite things is seeing the community around these coins really engage with us and let us know what they want.”

To this she added, “We think that the short-term gain to us is not worth the long-term tradeoff for our users.” Clearly, then, Brown is not about generating as much revenue as possible within a short period of time. “Our strategy is different than a lot of the other players out there who are racing to list as many assets as possible right now,” are the words she concluded with.

In addition, Christine Brown announced that the waiting list for Robinhood’s crypto wallet has hit the 1.6 million mark. This means that when Robinhood’s crypto wallet is launched, suddenly 1.6 million more people will be investing in crypto. Good news, because the result could be that crypto prices will continue to rise.

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