Presearch launches mainnet

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Presearch launches mainnet

These are exciting times for Presearch, as the Web3 search engine is launching its own mainnet next week. “We are 1 week out from our biggest product launch ever”, they say on their Twitter channel. They ask their users to change their profile picture to the Presearch logo.

Presearch mainnet launch

So one more week, and then the Presearch mainnet will be launched. Presearch is a Web3 alternative of Google and you can search everything you can on any search engine. You gain acces to websites and can search for websites, images and videos.

However, that’s not all. What is special of this Web3 version search engine, is that for each time you look something up, you receive PRE tokens. Of course, this does not make you super rich, but it is still a nice touch if you wanted to look something up anyway. But this is not the only way you can earn by using Presearch. For example, you can also run a Presearch node, which supports the network and earns you PRE tokens at the same time.

So next week Presearch is launching its mainnet, which means they will really have their own blockchain network, where Presearch was running on Ethereum until now. Presearch’s market cap is currently almost $45 million and the token price stands at over $0.11. So the project is already quite large, but there is certainly room for growth. The launch of the mainnet might just be a catalyst for this growth.

Earlier we wrote an extensive coin report about Presearch. This coin report can be read here. When you create a Presearch account through this link you will receive 25 PRE! That means you can now earn $2.88 just by clicking on the link and creating an account!


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