PayPal launches crypto trading platform now also for UK users

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PayPal launches crypto trading platform now also for UK users

We’re seeing more and more acceptance emerge around crypto. There are more and more large companies accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment, for example, or investing in it themselves. This is important, because acceptance of crypto is hugely important if it is ever to make a real breakthrough to the whole world.


PayPal is also contributing to this. Last October they already launched a crypto trading platform for users from the United States, from then on his could buy and sell Bitcoin through the financial platform.
Now the same is being made available to customers from the United Kingdom. However, it is not just Bitcoin, as it will also become possible to trade Ethereum (ETH).

Of course, now that the expansion to Europe is a reality, there is a good chance that it will be continued soon. We can probably expect to soon be able to use PayPal to trade in crypto from our own country, the Netherlands.

Confidence in Bitcoin

Just recently, PayPal put together a team in Ireland that will specialize in crypto. These employees will mainly focus on how PayPal can best integrate crypto into the platform in a good, but also safe way.

So PayPal has a lot of faith in crypto, otherwise they wouldn’t be working on it so much. That is a very good sign, but what makes it even better is that PayPal is far from the only company that has a lot of faith in crypto.

As we all know, Tesla also has a huge amount of faith in crypto. They are very involved in it and also own a huge position in BTC, for example.

Deloitte also recently released a study in which they looked at the adoption of Bitcoin. It showed that a whopping 81% of finance CEOs trust Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The survey was based on 1280 CEOs from different countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany and Brazil, as well as South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.


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