Optimism Airdrop: How to claim and how much will it be worth?

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Optimism Airdrop: How to claim and how much will it be worth?

There has been a long-awaited hype around the launch of Optimism’s native token OP. As from now on active users of the ecosystem can claim a portion of their Optimism airdrop.

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What is Optimism? 

Optimism is a Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution with a low-cost (96x less), fast (84,000 transactions/day) and completely open-source. Optimism wants to create a platform that promotes growth and sustainability. With currently around $626  Million of total value locked and an ecosystem revenue of $2.2 million a month, Optimism is a large-scale experiment in digital democratic governance, with a mission of realigning the internet with its constituents.

“Optimism makes transactions on Ethereum cheaper by performing operations off-chain and posting the results to the mainnet to secure proof.”

On the project revenue ranking, Optimism takes place above Solana and Polygon by revenue generated through fees. 

How to claim the OP airdrop?

First you have to set up your MetaMask to Optimism. To check if you are eligible, follow the next steps below.

Visit Optimism.io. If you don’t get redirected to the airdrop page, click on ‘Airdrop


Connect your ETH wallet.

If your wallet is eligible you will see the following screen

Click on “Start claim process” and finalize your claim

For more information about this airdrop see Optimism official announcement.

When are you eligible for the OP airdrop?

If you have performed the following steps with your wallet; 

  • Optimism Users: You bridged to Optimism from L1 before Jun 23, 2021, used Optimism for more than 1 day or made a transaction using an app.
  • Repeat Optimism Users: You made at least 1 transaction with an Optimism application spread across 4 weeks.
  • DAO Voters: You voted on or authored at least one proposal on-chain.
  • Multi-Sig Signers: You are a signer on a Multi-Sig which has executed at least 10 transactions all-time. 
  • Gitcoin Donors: You has made an on-chain donation through Gitcoin.
  • Users Priced Out of Ethereum: You bridged to another chain still made an app transaction on Ethereum after you are bridged.

When did the OP airdrop snapshot happen?

The snapshot of the wallet addresses was taken on March 25th, 2022 at 0:00 UTC.

How much Optimism – OP will you get airdropped?

According to your performance of the steps that make you eligible, airdrops will differ. We see that the average airdrop of OP is around 777 tokens is per wallet.

But not only this, Optimism announced the launch of the ‘OP Stimpack’. Which is an incentive program that activates 231,928,234 OP (5.4% of initial supply) for builders in their ecosystem.

Why can’t I claim or see my OP in Metamask? 

With the highly anticipated airdrop, not everything went as smoothly as planned. Optimism experienced an all-time high of traffic and experienced massive overload. Which was followed by slow response times, failed transactions and error messages all around (airdrop eligibility errors). Some people report glitches that you can not claim or delegate your freshly received OP. Problems seemed fixed for now. If this is not the case, please have patience and check your eligibility. 

On which blockchain is OP? 

OP is L2-native and not yet bridgeable to L1. This means that OP only is available on the Optimism L2. 

Where to delegate OP? 

A critical part of the claims process is to delegate your voting power to a community member of your choice. Take some time to select a delegate who reflects your values. Because delegators will have an impact on the future of the protocol.

Where to trade Optimism – OP? 

The token of Optimism – OP is already tradable on several exchanges. This includes ByBitMEXC and Huobi. 


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