OctoFi announces launch of its own launchpad

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OctoFi announces launch of its own launchpad

OctoFi just announced the release of their ‘INKubator’. A launchpad on which projects get onboarded and get the opportunity to be embraced by the tentacles of the OctoFi community.

What is a launchpad and what does this mean?

Throughout the years, the models which cryptocurrency / blockchain start-ups used to raise funds changed frequently. We’ve seen ICOs (initial coin offerings), IDOs (initial DEX offering), IEOs (initial exchange offering) and all sorts of other models.

2021 seems to be the year of the launchpad. Summarised, launchpads offer opportunities for smaller (new) cryptocurrency projects to put their project in the spotlight among a large audience. In a fast-moving industry it’s become harder for (smaller) investors and projects to participate in the early phases of new projects.

So far, launchpads have practically been a ‘safer’ way of participating in crowd sales of new cryptocurrency projects. The projects that are selected and offered on a launchpad typically went through a in-depth research phase by the launchpad provider.

Besides enabling the project to raise funds, launchpads also help projects to build a large community at an early phase. Further kickstarting their project with exposure, early adoption (in case an MVP is live), connections and other growth opportunities.

Investors looking to participate in launchpad crowd sales typically need to hold an X-amount of tokens of that specific launchpad, in order to participate. This could be seen as having ‘skin in the game’ as well as having a way to distribute the available allocation among all participants. Be it through guaranteed (small) allocations or through the use of lottery tickets.

The INKubator

Examples of launchpads are: Binance Launchpad, TrustSwap, DuckDao, Paid Network, and as of today the INKubator!

Community members looking to participate in the launchpad need to hold at least 8 OCTO tokens in their ERC-20 wallet. At current valuations, this is about $580 USD.

This is a very low entry requirement compared to the above mentioned launchpads. The community is eagerly waiting for an announcement for the first INKubator project ever.

For INKubator details, technical details and more information, check out their official release.

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