NFT’s officially more trending than cryptocurrency

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NFT’s officially more trending than cryptocurrency

Non Fungible Tokens: The emerging trend that fueled the cryptocurrency hype of 2021. By now you can hardly ignore it, everyone you know has probably heard of NFT’s. Millions of dollars have been deposited for minting, buying and selling NFT’s resulting in exponential high prices for these digital art creations.

For those people who want to invest in NFT’s, the first step could be a simple ‘Google search’. You can look at ‘Google Trends data’ that would show the popularity of the search term ‘non-fungible token’ is more popular than ‘crypto’. Knowing this you could conclude that NFT’s are officially more popular than crypto.

The popularity of NFT’s

On social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, NFT’s are more than hyped! Especially young people see NFT’s as a great opportunity to earn extra money or represent themselves to the community. On the OpenSea platform the trading volume reached over $13,000,000,000 in 2021 alone. The largest NFT collection to date, on the OpenSea platform, are the famous CryptoPunks. The trading volume of this collection alone exceeds 840,000 ETH ($2,500,000,000). 

So at the moment there is more search volume regarding NFTs, than there are searches for crypto. The search term ‘NFT’s’ is searched for about 20% more than crypto. 

Most NFTs are currently minted on the Ethereum network. Do you think the hype will continue? Then you could choose to invest in ETH and buy some NFT’s. This can be done via Huobi! Through this link you can be the owner of your first ETH within minutes!


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