Music NFT’s: Ticketmaster NFT integration

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Music NFT’s: Ticketmaster NFT integration

Ticketmaster has recently launched a new token-gated ticket purchasing system for Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming tour. This means that fans who hold the artist’s NFT will have first access to tickets, ensuring priority access, seat selection, and the best prices. This innovative approach aims to eliminate scalping, bots, waiting times, and the need to refresh the screen continually.

How does the token-gated NFT integration work?

By holding the NFT, fans can purchase tickets directly from Ticketmaster without the hassle of traditional ticket purchasing systems. During a test run with the band’s Deathbats Club, almost 20% of members bought tickets using the wallet integration. Fans reported no wait times and secured the best seats, indicating that this new system is efficient and reliable.

Deathbats Club NFT
Deathbats Club NFT

Who can benefit from the token-gated NFT integration?

The token-gated NFT integration is particularly beneficial for true fans who hold the artist’s NFT. This innovative approach ensures that they have priority access to tickets and can secure the best seats at fair prices. This also means that scalpers and bots are eliminated, preventing them from monopolizing the ticket market and making it difficult for genuine fans to attend their favorite events.

What’s next for the token-gated NFT integration?

The token-gated NFT integration system could potentially be applied to other artists in the future. Ticketmaster has already hinted at the possibility of unlocking premier seats and providing special experiences like sitting in on soundcheck, making this a truly innovative and exciting new development in the ticket purchasing market.


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