More countries will follow El Salvador according to Cardano founder

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More countries will follow El Salvador according to Cardano founder

El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) is a very big and important step for crypto. That’s what Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, says in a new video on his YouTube channel that came online Tuesday. He titled the video, “Congratulations Bitcoin”.

Charles Hoskinson on Bitcoin

In the video, Charles states, among other things, that he thinks it is inevitable that crypto will become an everyday means of payment in the future. He explains this by saying that, according to him, the new generation will automatically ensure that this will happen, because they have a lot of interest in crypto. This will “force” other entities to accept crypto and it will definitely happen, according to the Cardano founder.

In addition, Hoskinson shared the idea that more and more governments will integrate crypto into their systems. He said, “In the coming years, more and more countries will start using crypto as part of their monetary policy, for example as reserves for central banks, but maybe even as a national means of payment, as El Salvador already did.”

Edward Snowden on Bitcoin

Hoskinson is not alone in publicly expressing his confidence in crypto. Edward Snowden is also expressing his confidence on Twitter. Edward Snowden is a former CIA agent who is mainly known for bringing out documents related to secret spying activities carried out by the United States.

On Twitter, he shared that El Salvador is now accepting Bitcoin as a national currency. He adds that this creates pressure for other countries to follow. If only as a reserve currency.

He then closes his tweet with the words “Latecomers may regret hesitating”, with which he seems to express his confidence in the future of the crypto market.

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