More and more universities are offering DeFi

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More and more universities are offering DeFi

Many fanatics expect DeFi to be the future of the financial system. They think that the financial system, as it is now, is not good and therefore they want a decentralized change to take place. It is therefore important that as many people as possible are well informed about DeFi. This is why more and more universities are offering courses on DeFi.

DeFi University

DeFi is one of the fastest growing industries within crypto today. Globally, there is already about $130 billion total value locked in all DeFi protocols combined. Although it is growing so fast, very few people really know much about it. It is crucial that this is going to change.

As a result, the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) recently opened an online course as part of their Fall 2021 semester.

The course is taught not only by faculty from UC Berkeley, but by experts from around the world. For example, several lectures within the course are taught by professors from Stanford University and professors from Imperial College London.

So far, about 1,400 students have signed up for the course, most of whom are studying computer science or finance. The course is open to anyone around the world. We here, from Europe, can also join the online course.

The University of Wyoming also offers a DeFi course. So now there are 2 major universities that are making an effort to teach their students about DeFi and they will certainly not stop there. A good step in the right direction, but we are still far from there.

UC Berkeley offers DeFi courses

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