Merit Circle Gaming Subnet: BEAM

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Merit Circle Gaming Subnet: BEAM

Merit Circle, the go-to place for web3 gaming, has announced the launch of its very own subnet on Avalanche named Beam. This subnet is meant to be a new safe haven for blockchain gaming developers and create a network of developers, contributors, and investors. In this short post, we’ll take a look at what this entails and how this could propel the web3 gaming sector forward.

What is Beam?

Merit Circle DAO has announced the launch of Beam, a gaming-focused blockchain built on Avalanche. According to the Merit Circle DAO, Beam aims to become the home for various web3 games. The platform boasts a strong network of more than 60 partnered games, dozens of contributors, developers, tools and investors. Beam is designed to be a sovereign network powered by Avalanche, aimed directly at gamers and game developers.

Why is Avalanche a popular layer one for crypto gaming?

Avalanche is finding itself to be a popular layer one for crypto gaming due to its subnets, sovereign networks that define their own rules regarding their memberships and token economics, boasting low fees and quick settlements. These are essential aspects that make Avalanche subnets attractive for web3 gaming. 

What are the advantages of deploying on-chain games on Beam?

Game developers will reportedly be able to deploy on-chain games with ease on Beam. Everything from smart contracts to gas-optimized transactions, asset management, oracles for web2 games and marketplaces can be provided on Beam, allowing developers to focus on their games.

What games are coming to Beam?

Titles coming to Beam, such as Trial Xtreme, Walker World, Hash Rush, Sphere and Edenhorde Eclipse, will look to garner attention and staying power. However, it remains to be seen how large of a player base they can attract. Currently, these games are not live on Beam.

What is the current status of the crypto gaming industry?

Despite some relative successes in the crypto-native gaming space, the industry has still failed to perform. The killer game that will bring the hype back to its previous highs is yet to be found. Until then we’ll wait patiently for the next Axie Infinity tha will make Earn to play back mainstream.


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