Merit Circle Gaming: A House For The Gaming Community

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Merit Circle Gaming: A House For The Gaming Community

Merit Circle, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that focuses on the gaming industry and the use of blockchain technology in gaming, is proud to share its first version of the gaming platform that will function as the home for their current community. 

What is the Merit Circle Gaming platform?

The goal of Merit Circle is to create an online community for gamers in a booming sector like the blockchain industry. The organization believes that blockchain will play a significant role in the future of the gaming industry, and is therefore aligning its development efforts with this belief.


The blockchain industry is rapidly growing, with new games/startups emerging on a daily basis. This can make it difficult for gamers interested in these types of games to find the right games. To help with this, the gaming platform has a feature that allows gamers to easily explore the current web3 games available. This helps gamers to find the games that are right for them, without feeling overwhelmed by the vast number of options.


Merit Circle has created the Merit Circle Academy, a section of the platform where users can learn about cryptocurrency and how to navigate the world of web3 gaming. In the academy, users can access tutorials, guides, and other resources that will help them understand the basics of cryptocurrency and web3 gaming, including information about wallets, security, and logistics. The academy is designed to provide everything that gamers need to know to get started in the world of web3 gaming.


The Merit Circle gaming platform will host tournaments for popular traditional games, with the winners earning rewards in cryptocurrency. This is intended to appeal to both traditional gamers and blockchain gamers, and to serve as a bridge between the two communities. By offering the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards, the platform hopes to provide an engaging and exciting experience for all gamers, regardless of their level of familiarity

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How to earn rewards on Merit Circle Gaming?

Earning rewards in the form of xp, is a way for Merit Circle community gamers to progress and level up in the community. By completing small tasks and challenges, players can earn XP and win prizes. 

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A bright future

Being able to manage and track assets and performance allows Merit Circle to make more informed decisions and provide a better gaming experience. This helps the organization to be more effective and efficient and can improve the overall user experience and make the games more enjoyable.

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, a new world of gaming has emerged. At the heart of this lies an organization, known as Merit Circle. Through the Merit Circle gaming platform, it has created a way that allows gamers to discover the features of web3 gaming. Are you ready to enter the world of Merit Circle?


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