Louis Vuitton Launches Exclusive NFT Collection for Elite Customers

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Louis Vuitton Launches Exclusive NFT Collection for Elite Customers

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is releasing a limited series of NFTs priced at around $41,000 each that will grant exclusive benefits to high-level customers. Starting June 8, only selected registrants from the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Japan, and Australia will be invited to buy a Treasure Trunk NFT using cryptocurrency or fiat.

The Treasure Trunks NFT Collection

The “Treasure Trunks” NFT collection consists of only a few hundred NFTs, each representing a matching personalized Louis Vuitton trunk. The NFTs will be “soulbound,” meaning only the original owner can access the benefits.

Exclusive Benefits for NFT Owners

VIA holders will also have access to periodical bespoke purchasable keys that unlock physical products, as well as IRL events that are only accessible to them. This move is part of Louis Vuitton‘s larger luxury NFT focus, which aims to create an “ultra-elite membership club.” Owners of the Treasure Trunks NFTs will gain access to exclusive customizable products, early releases, and bespoke experiences from Louis Vuitton.


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