Inflation Trackdown: An Other Perspective on Crypto’s Toughness

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Inflation Trackdown: An Other Perspective on Crypto’s Toughness

Dive with us into a crypto-guided journey as we deconstruct the mystery of surging rent prices. Official figures can often underplay real inflation rates, but by adjusting the lens through which we view these economic indicators, a different narrative begins to emerge. Equipped the website inflationchars that has an array of indicators and the realities of an expanding money supply, we aim to bring to light the concealed aspects of inflation.

What is this Inflation Charts tracking?

It focuses on US data

This site focuses on US economic data since the US economy is so influential globally. It tracks indexes like the S&P 500 stock market index as well as costs of living indicators adjusted for the US money supply M1, M2, M3 and other metrics. This allows visitors to see how various assets and costs have changed in real value over time when adjusted for currency debasement.

Nasdaq Vs. BTC

It uses a variety of indicators

Some of the key indicators tracked include stock markets, housing costs, food costs, GDP, personal income, commodity prices for gold and cryptocurrencies. Both official US CPI inflation rates and alternative costs of living metrics are compared. A mixture of US and global indicators are utilized to give a well-rounded view of price changes.

All Money vs BTC


How can I analyze the data?

You can select different indicators on the site to compare against the US money supply or CPI. This reveals whether various assets and costs have risen in real value or been debased by currency inflation. Timeframes can also be altered to examine trends over different periods.

The site also has an API available so users can pull inflation data into their own applications. Popular comparisons include tracking the S&P 500 against M3 money supply changes or measuring average food and housing costs adjusted for inflation.

What are the key takeaways?

When examining indicators adjusted for monetary inflation, it becomes clear that price rises have outpaced official CPI rates. Moments like the 2008 financial crisis and 2020 COVID crash are especially evident, showing stock markets failed to maintain real value despite nominal gains.

Rising currency debasement poses major risks if left unchecked long term. As inflation erodes the spending power of salaries and savings, it can lead to increased social unrest and poverty if the true costs of living are not acknowledged. Tracking alternative inflation metrics provides useful insights into the hidden taxation of monetary policy.

This site is a useful tool for any investor or economist looking to analyze long-term trends while accounting for the impact of currency devaluation not reflected in nominal prices alone. The data helps shine a light on the very real threat of monetary inflation.

In Summary

As the old saying goes, “the trend is your friend.” Adjusting indicators for currency debasement paints a vivid picture of the madness inherent in our current system. By shining a light on unreported inflation, we can work to build a better future.


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