H&M doesn’t open metaverse store after all

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H&M doesn’t open metaverse store after all

Recently, news emerged that H&M would be the first retail giant to open an official, full store in the metaverse. Now, however, it has been revealed that this news is untrue. Unfortunately, for now H&M is not opening a store in the metaverse.

The H&M metaverse store news​

The rumor came to the world after CEEK, a company dedicated to creating experiences in the metaverse. They actually tweeted a metaverse store concept, showing what a CEEK metaverse store could look like. For this concept they used the H&M brand, thus showing what an H&M store could look like in the metaverse.

After this tweet, people assumed that H&M would actually open this store. Twitter went wild and several news sites posted the news that H&M would enter the metaverse.

However, CEEK recently posted a second tweet, stating that it is only a concept. It is not (yet) an official store and fans should not expect it for the time being. However, they indicate that this concept was actually presented to H&M and if they are interested, it could be that we actually see this store in the metaverse soon.

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