Heineken launches own beer in metaverse

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Heineken launches own beer in metaverse

In the past year ‘The Metaverse’ has become a common term in the mainstream. Many people know and use it, some specultae is would become our ‘new way of life’. Therefore its not surprising that more and more companies and brands are learning themselves about the possibilities in this so-called metaverse.

There are brands that are always a step ahead of the curve, and are launching their own products in the virtual world. One of those companies is the Dutch multinational Heineken. As they recently announced they would be launching their own beer in the metaverse. 

Heineken in the metaverse

Heineken goes completely virtual in Decentraland, a digital virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain. with its own token, called MANA. Decentraland is currently one of the largest crypto metaverses on the blockchain. 

Heineken will in fact launch their own Heineken Silver. By doing this they will open the first virtual beer brewery on the blockchain. In this brewery, players could enter 3 different rooms; the tasting room, the catering room and the cheers-room.

There is also a special Heineken dance floor, where the Decentraland players can all dance together. For a beer brand like Heineken, it is difficult to replicate the real experience that Heineken offers. Yet this is still a very good marketing stunt. 

Els Dijkhuizen, marketing manager of Heineken states: “In the end, there is nothing tastier than the first refreshing sip of a real Heineken. Wich is ironic when we launch the virtual Heineken Silver” 

If you are interested in drinking the new Heineken you can set up an account in Decentraland. All you have to do is buy the Decentraland token MANA. This can be done through Huobi!

If you want a step-by-step guide of how to use the exchange visit our Huobi page here


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