Goodbye MetaMask: Switch to Rabby Wallet in Just One Minute

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Goodbye MetaMask: Switch to Rabby Wallet in Just One Minute

If you’re looking to switch to a new wallet but feeling hesitant about the process, we’ve got some good news for you. With Rabby Wallet, you can make the switch in just one minute and enjoy a smooth and secure wallet experience.


How to Switch from MetaMask to Rabby Wallet?

The easiest way to switch to Rabby Wallet is to import your MetaMask account directly. You won’t need to add networks or tokens like you do in MetaMask, as Rabby automatically displays your assets on supported chains. This makes it simple to start connecting to Dapps and sign transactions seamlessly with enhanced security.

Can You Still Use MetaMask with Rabby Wallet?

Yes, you can keep using MetaMask in the same browser if you choose to switch to Rabby Wallet. Rabby offers a convenient button that allows you to easily switch back and forth between the two wallets. This way, you can choose the wallet that best suits your needs at any given time.

Does Rabby Wallet Work with Every Dapp Across EVM Chains?

Yes, Rabby Wallet is compatible with every Dapp across EVM chains. If a Dapp doesn’t have the option to connect with Rabby Wallet yet, you can still use it by either clicking the “MetaMask” icon or clicking “Browser wallet”/”Injected.”

Will My MetaMask Wallet Be Deleted Once I Start Using Rabby Wallet?

No, your MetaMask wallet won’t be affected when you switch to Rabby Wallet. You can still access your MetaMask wallet in the same browser and switch back and forth between the two wallets as needed.

What Browsers Support Rabby Wallet?

Rabby Wallet is currently supported on Chrome and Brave browsers. If you’re experiencing issues while using Rabby in Chromium-based browsers, we recommend switching to one of our supported browsers for the best experience.

Does Rabby Wallet Support Trezor Hardware Wallets?

Yes, Rabby Wallet supports Trezor hardware wallets. You can seamlessly use your Trezor wallet on Rabby to enjoy enhanced security and a smooth wallet experience.


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