FIFA World Cup: Crypto Edition

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FIFA World Cup: Crypto Edition

The FIFA World Cup has officially started! This is good for all soccer fans around the world and maybe for us cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well. What are some potential crypto plays we consider?

What is Algorand – ALGO?

We start with Algorand – ALGO. Which is a decentralized permissionless blockchain that was created to provide a platform for making instant payments without having to worry about security. And since it is an open-source blockchain network, anyone can build on top of it to enhance the user experience. Algorand Foundation will be used to run FIFA+ Collect is Algorand. 

What is Chilliz – CHZ?

Secondly we’ll take a look at fan token ecosystem Socios app with their own cryptocurrency Chiliz – CHZ. Which is the in-app currency that powers the app. You’ll need CHZ in your wallet first before you can exchange them for Fan Tokens. Fan Tokens are your digital pass to the teams you love.

Chilliz – CHZ can be bought straight from the app or on a centralized exchange.

What is DigitalBits – XDB?

The DigitalBits ecosystem is a growing network of projects collaborating and is designed for esports enthusiasts. It aims to provide banking services for all types of digitals from branded stablecoins to NFTs. With its own DigitalBits wallet which is a mobile app to store DigitalBits-based assets (available for iOS and Android). It is a low market cap coin and can be traded on Kucoin. 

What is Cronos – CRO? 

Cronos is the exchange token of A global cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2016 and with more than 10 million customers across America, Europe and Asia. has already sponsored several top sport teams, leagues, major events and locations around the world. The World Cup in Qatar is, however, the icing on the cake. 

Overall market overview is an important thing to keep an eye out. If the whole market tanks, no amount of good publicity on the world cup in Qatar will be strong enough to push prices to the upside. 


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