Fifa launches NFT Marketplace on Algorand

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Fifa launches NFT Marketplace on Algorand

The international governing body of association football also known as FIFA has launched its own FIFA+ Marketplace on Algorand.  FIFA+ Collect is open to all football lovers and enables fans to own and collect FIFA World CupTM and FIFA Women’s World CupTM memories.

What is Algorand? 

The blockchain that will be used to run FIFA+ Collect is Algorand. Algorand is a decentralized permissionless blockchain that was created to provide a platform for making instant payments without having to worry about security. And since it is an open-source blockchain network, anyone can build on top of it to enhance the user experience.

Algorand can process over 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) and has achieved to keep the finality at less than five seconds. At such speeds, it eases transactions for its users with low transaction fees.

What is the FIFA+ Genesis Drop

With Genesis, the path to fandom begins. The Genesis pack is the first release that includes legendary highlights from the FIFA World Cup’s enduring legacy.  

Fans can start their collection and embark on an exciting adventure to own the best football highlights ever happened. Don’t pass up the chance to take part in the FIFA+ Collect launch that everyone is talking about.

FIFA+ Collection

How can you join?

  1. Create Your Account with FIFA+ Collect to start your journey to own the greatest moments in football.
  2. Collect and grow your collection. Get ready for new drops and exciting editions to grow your collection.
  3. Compete & Win: Once you’ve built your collection, compete in exciting quests to win rewards and official collectibles.


Where to stay up to date?

Fans can join the social media community to get information on upcoming collections.


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