Facebook announces Zuck Buck

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Facebook announces Zuck Buck

Towards the end of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s name change to Meta and with it Facebook’s Metaverse adventure. Mark Zuckerberg sees future in the metaverse. Here he already indicated several times that he thinks crypto and NFTs can also play a major role. He previously announced that NFTs will soon be launched on Instagram. Now a new announcement seems to be coming, namely that of his own crypto currency: the Zuck Buck. 

A crypto currency of named after Mark Zuckerberg

This is not the first time that Mark Zuckerberg has come up with plans for his own crypto currency. The Libra project was already announced in 2019. The name change to Diem, would become a stablecoin that could be used for numerous purposes. Officially, Diem was to be released in 2020. However the launch was postponed in January of this year, 2022. 

Now rumors are that of a new Meta crypto currency, which is called the Zuck Buck. This currency used in Metaverse, should become a new source of revenue for Meta. Currently, the company is very dependent on advertising revenue, and through this step, Meta would like to bet on more horses for future income. 

The Zuck Buck would become a centralized currency that could be used within Meta’s ecosystems. So at the moment that would include Instagram and Facebook, and probably later Meta’s metaverse. 

Not much is known about the coin yet, but it is certainly an interesting development that we will follow closely. At this moment you can’t invest in this coin. 

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