European Union thinks of an open stance of crypto

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European Union thinks of an open stance of crypto

Ylva Johansson, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, indicated at a security conference in Munich that the European Union would indeed be open to use crypto, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, she indicates that it is important that these cryptocurrencies are very well regulated.

Crypto and EU

So Ylva Johansson indicates that accepting cryptocurrencies in the future would definitely be an option. Although she emphasizes that it is very important that cryptocurrencies are well regulated. Finding it from the upmost importance because criminal or terrorist organizations may fund their organizations using crypto.

The co-founder of Cryptology Asset Group, Christian Angermayer, was also a speaker at this event. He indicated that, for consumers in the financial system, several problems could be solved by digitizing currencies, as mentioned U.S. dollar and the Euro in particular . 

Should it become a reality where a major control structure, such as the European Union, will accept crypto, then there will probably be a positive effect on crypto prices. Chances are that a lot more people will use it, thereby increasing the demand. 

Although nobody knows the future. You could already anticipate this, by investing in cryptocurrencies. 

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