Crypto investors not spooked by increasing scrutiny

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Crypto investors not spooked by increasing scrutiny

The amount of supervision and regulation that takes place within the world of crypto is obviously increasing significantly. The attention surrounding crypto is increasing, more and more people are going to invest in it and it is therefore not surprising that the regulation and oversight is also increasing.

Yet the crypto investors don’t seem to be scared of this at all and they certainly don’t withdraw because of it. The financiers and their customers also don’t seem particularly impressed.

The regulation and oversight surrounding crypto

For example, Gary Gensler, the chairman of the U.S. financial regulators Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), indicates that he is going to monitor more strictly, in particular, the large crypto companies. Think of exchanges. Gensler indicates that they will be severely punished especially when they promise certain returns. The SEC is one of the leading parties, if not the leading party, when it comes to financial supervision and such a statement certainly says something.

Gensler also says that crypto investors deserve the same supervision as, for example, savers at a bank, something which is totally not the case at the moment.

Investors and stakeholders in crypto companies, however, don’t seem all that impressed. These kinds of statements are made enormously often. Similarly, Balder Bomans, chief investment officer of Maven 11, indicates.

‘Gensler is by no means an opponent of crypto,’ Bomans points out. ‘He has said some pretty positive things about crypto in the past.’ Balder Bomans doesn’t find it surprising that, as chairman of the SEC, he is now indicating that he is going to be a bit stricter.

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