Cronos – CRO loses value as staking rewards are no longer offered 

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Cronos – CRO loses value as staking rewards are no longer offered 

Staking rewards for Cronos – CRO, native token of will no longer be offered to cardholders after the completion of the current 180-day staking period. Also monthly rewards on the lower tiers would be capped from $25 to $50, while there would be no rewards cap for the higher tiers.

Meanwhile, other benefits on the cards, such as cashbacks on subscription services and complimentary airport lounge access will be excluded from the calculation of the monthly CRO cap. 

How much is the reduction of cards?

The reduction of CRO card rewards are the following,

  • Midnight Blue and Ruby Steel gets 0% rewards
  • Royal Indigo and Jade Green gets 0.5% rewards
  • Icy White and Frosted Rose Gold gets 1%
  • Obsidian, the highest tier gets 2%

This is bad news for card and CRO holders and the exchange  If users still want to receive card rewards with they have to apply for the Indigo/Jade tier.  Meaning they have to stake more than $3333/month for receiving 0,5% rewards. With this change there is better use of a traditional card with rewards ranging from 1-5%.

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