Budweiser buys Beer.eth domain name for 30 ETH

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Budweiser buys Beer.eth domain name for 30 ETH

More and more companies are trying to get involved in the world of crypto. For example, they accept crypto as a means of payment, or release an NFT. One of the world’s greatest ever beer brands can now be added to that list as well: Budweiser. According to reports, they recently bought the domain name Beer.eth and an NFT.


So indeed, Budweiser bought a domain name and an NFT. For the domain name, Beer.eth, they laid down a total of 30 ETH, which equals about $95,000. For the NFT, which is now also their Twitter profile picture, they laid down another 8 ETH, which equals about $25,000.

The NFT was created by NFT artist Tom Sachs, who has already sold millions of dollars worth of NFTs. The NFT shows a rocket dei made from Budweiser cans. Tom Sachs is known for his NFTs concerning rockets so it is a perfect match.

De NFT van Budweiser

What will Budweiser do?

What Budweiser will do with these purchases is not yet known. They have not yet issued a statement and have not yet responded to press. CoinDesk, among others, already tried to contact them, but unfortunately without success.

However, the chances are high that this is an NFT marketplace. This is because Richard Oppy, the vice president of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Budweiser, revealed just last month that an NFT marketplace is being worked on in collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk.

In that case, we can expect a lot from it. Gary Vee is known as an expert in the world of NFTs and he finds it very important that NFTs actually have an underlying value and are not just a piece of art, and unique.

We don’t know yet what Budweiser wants with it, but it is very interesting. We will keep you posted!


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